IKEA Karlstad Covers

Even though discontinued, you can still refresh and update your Karlstad furniture with one of our Karlstad IKEA covers in your chosen style.

A New Karlstad IKEA Cover Revamps Your Furniture

Sadly IKEA has discontinued its Karlstad modular range, but the good news is you can continue to enjoy your comfy, contemporary furniture with our Karlstad IKEA covers. From sofa to chaise longue, armchairs and stools, we have a cover for you. They’re available in various fits, from a classic style that replicates the original to a looser, relaxed fit. We also have Karlstad slipcovers in a minimalistic style that can dramatically alter the look of your furniture. All our covers are made in Europe and sewn by experienced professionals ensuring you get a high-quality, perfect fit for all your Karlstad IKEA covers.

Delight In The Choice Of Your Karlstad Slipcovers

At Bemz, we offer several fabric options and a comprehensive colour range. This allows you to be creative, even adventurous, in your choices for your Karlstad IKEA covers. Be bold, or coordinate with your room’s existing palette. You will have lots of fun selecting covers to suit your unique style.


What will you choose? The coolness of linen and cotton or the soft peachy feel of our wool-like fabrics. You cannot do better than our velvet range for a plush fabric that looks inviting and luxurious. Keeping with the Scandinavian minimal design of the Karlstad furniture, you could even opt for our contemporary corduroy range. As most of our materials are machine washable, you don’t even need to worry over daily spills or stains. 


If you’re unsure which fabric or colour will work best for you, take advantage of our free swatches—an easy way to discover the right one for your furniture. You can also contact our support staff online from our website if you have any questions about our Karlstad slipcovers.



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