IKEA Beddinge Covers

Give your beloved Beddinge sofa a new lease of life or a complete makeover with high-quality replacement Beddinge IKEA covers.

Beddinge IKEA Covers Bring you Comfort & Choice

The Beddinge sofa has been popular for more than 15 years, loved for its simplicity and minimalist design. There is no need to replace your favorite sofa bed - you can renew its original cushion covers. With a wide selection of Beddinge IKEA covers available in a creative collection of fabrics and colors, you will be spoilt for choice. It's time to give your family and overnight guests some added comfort and a five-star sleep experience.


A Bemz Beddinge Cover For Contemporary Design

Maybe your Beddinge cover requires a little tender loving care, or you want to be bold and change the color. Treating yourself to new sofa covers is the perfect way to transform your room's look instantly. You can choose themed sets or a unique design and swap them out whenever you feel like it. Bemz Beddinge covers come in many beautiful choices, so going from striped designs to summer florals is effortless.  


Our Beddinge IKEA covers are made in a variety of high-quality fabrics, most machine washable, making cleaning them a breeze. For a classic look, there are collections of linens and cotton in modern patterns and every shade of the rainbow. You can add richness with pure velvet or opt for one of our Conscious range of recycled materials. All our Beddinge covers are sewn to order, so you can mix and match as much as you want. 


Ease & Convenience With Beddinge Slipcovers

With a Beddinge slipcover, you can coordinate mismatched furniture or introduce a modern new look. Blend everything seamlessly together, or choose a bold contrast or textured fabric that reflects your personality. Our covers easily slide on and off without any struggle so that you can change the look frequently. The most inviting and relaxing rooms use furniture to enhance the atmosphere and increase the comfort levels. Your choice of new Beddinge IKEA covers will do just that - and more if you get creative!



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