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Is it time to bring in the new with a Bemz mattress cover? Get creative with our range of lush fabrics and vibrant colours to choose from.

Freshen Up Your Bed With Bemz Mattress Covers

Selecting one of our mattress covers allows you to personalise your room, adding fabric and colour to compliment or contrast your decor. We all love our comfy beds, where we spend around a third of our lives. However, so do unwelcome visitors like dust mites, the likes of which nobody wants to share space with. Experts recommend changing your mattress cover every 5-7 years, but you can replace it anytime you want to add a fresh new look.


Our mattress covers fit the IKEA double or single mattresses as well as most other manufacturers in a range of standard sizes and thicknesses. Our covers are designed to be easy to put on and take off with a handy zip fastening and are sewn to order by experienced professionals in Europe. All the covers are double-sided, making them reversible, and if you want a bit more emphasis, you can order piping for the mattress cover edges. 

Be Different With Your Mattress Cover Fabric

While adding an extra layer of protection for your mattress, you can up the style and comfort level as well. There’s no need to replace it with the same single or double mattress cover IKEA style. With the Bemz range of different colourful fabrics, fits and textures, you can really get creative with your space and make your mattress more relaxing and comfortable. 


The fabric choice is versatile, with everything from cool, comfortable cotton and breathable linen to a collection of recycled fabrics. You can even choose the soft-peachy feel of our wool-like fabric for those long cold winter months or velvet for an indulgent feel and look. Being so easy to change, you can alternate your mattress cover to suit your mood and the weather. Most of our fabrics are machine washable, which makes keeping them clean such an easy job.

Your Colour Selection Can Change The Mood

With our vast selection of fabrics and colours, you can personalise your room by selecting a shade for your mattress cover that blends into the colour scheme. Alternatively, create a pop of new colour that you can add to with accessories, curtains and cushion covers.


Your mattress is an essential item, and it should not be ignored when designing the overall style of your room. It can complement existing decor or be a centrepiece which completely changes the vibe. 


Of course, crisp white always looks good, but with our range of colours, you can stretch your imagination and have fun. How about thrilling your teenager with an on-trend colour mattress cover or even turning an adult bedroom into a sultry space. You can prettify your room with lighter, softer shades that pick up the colour in other accessories to blend the room together. For a whole new atmosphere, go for bold hues and contrast them with your existing colour scheme.

Bemz - A Simple But Effective Design Option

Covering your mattress is not only practical but can add atmosphere to your space, from fun to elegant and everything in between. If you’re unsure which colours or fabrics to choose, take advantage of our offer of 5 free fabric swatches. These allow you to see and feel the textures and how they will look in the room. Ordering is a straightforward process, and you will get an estimated delivery time at the checkout. If you have any queries about our mattress covers, please talk to us via our support chat.


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