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Mattress Covers

Style a mattress in your favourite colour or fabric quality (including pure linen and 100% cotton) with a machine washable Bemz cover. Perfect as a daybed topper, a kid's play stack or extra bed for overnight guests.

    Covers for IKEA mattresses, mattress protectors/mattress covers for Full/Double, Twin and single beds

    A mattress can be so much more than just a place to sleep. Turn your mattress into a beautiful style statement with a Bemz mattress cover/protector. We make custom sewn full/double bed mattress covers, single/twin bed mattress covers and a wide selection of mattress covers in standard bed sizes for both IKEA mattresses and other brands, available in a selection of heights from 7-18 cm thick. Whether you want to protect your mattress to better cope with allergies or to simply make your bedroom a more beautiful and personal space, Bemz makes machine washable mattress covers that slip on and off easily with robust zippers. You can even keep colourfully covered mattresses in a stack as a play zone for kids, stash a stylishly covered mattress under a bed or in a closet to be instantly ready for overnight guests, or cover a mattress topper to place on a daybed (our personal favourite!).

    Mattress protectors and mattress covers for better beauty rest

    Bemz offers a range of colour coordinated bedroom accessories, including mattress covers, curtains and more. Mattress covers/mattress protectors are an often overlooked style detail that can make a bedroom more personal and stylish. Bemz mattress protectors are machine washable, reversible and available in hundreds of colours and fun patterns - including some from renowned designers like Romo, Littlephant or Designers Guild - in a number of fabric qualities, including pure linen, 100% cotton, velvet and even recycled material. You can opt for a classic look and get piping on your mattress protector or go for a modern, sleek look with no piping. All Bemz mattress covers/mattress protectors are made to last. They are quality guaranteed for 3 years and are capable of withstanding numerous washes. Bemz mattress covers are both a practical solution and original style detail that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!