Bean Bag Covers

Forever popular, bean bags are a versatile seating choice, and our bean bag covers can make them a stylish and exciting addition to any room.

Bemz Make Bean Bag Covers Fashion-forward & Fun 

Bean bags are simple accessories, but they’re incredibly useful, and their portability means you can use them in every room. Much more affordable than a new chair, all age groups love their comfort and versatility. A tear-shaped, supple design, they instantly mould to your body and are warm, cosy and supportive. 


Add in some on-trend removable bean bag covers, and you have a flexible, lightweight and fun seating solution that you can use all year round. Bean bags are an excellent choice for outside on the patio, where you can relax in luxury during the summertime. Also handy for extra seating when unexpected guests arrive, they’re easy to store, and you can quickly add a fresh bean bag cover.

Choosing Fabrics For Your IKEA Bean Bag Covers

Selecting different fabrics and colours gives you super flexibility, and you’ll find over 150 alternatives here at Bemz. Our bean bag covers are easy to unzip and simple to slip on and off when you want a quick change. In addition, most of our fabrics are machine washable, meaning you don’t have to worry about demanding daily use and those accidental spills. 


Practical and popular, the cool, breathable cotton and linen fibres are perfect for bean bag covers. They add a fresh look to your decor, feel soft, and provide a high level of comfort. Plus, there is a range of weaves and fabric qualities available, so you’ll find classy choices for your living room and durability for outdoor use. 


Tactile textiles are the ultimate choice when you want to create a centrepiece with a large bean bag or use it in the bedroom. The luxury of traditional corduroy or smooth velvet can provide an elegant feature, particularly in rich, deep colours. Of course, your final choice of material will always depend on how you want to use your bean bag cover, but a little imagination will always work wonders.

High-quality Bean Bag Covers Create Instant Style 

Our bean bag covers come in a rainbow of colours and various designs and fabrics to suit any space. For a contemporary look, the pureness of natural white and lighter shades is fresh and minimalist. If you’re adding textures, bold, rich shades can add instant inviting warmth to your space. For more robust use choose classic brown, grey or black hues for long-lasting resilience.


Your bean bag cover order will be made in Europe by our skilled professionals, so you’ll get a high-quality product precisely to your specifications. Changing your colour scheme or giving your IKEA bean bag a refreshing makeover for a different room or use is straightforward. If you’re still unsure which material or weave to choose, take advantage of our free fabric samples. You can take a closer look, match them to your decor, and find your favourite bean bag cover easily.


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