Armchair Covers

Is it time to upgrade your favourite IKEA chairs? Browse our collection of armchair covers in hundreds of designs and colours to suit your style.

Revamp Your Room With Armchair Covers 

Bemz armchair covers can help you keep your furniture looking smart and fresh or allow you to give your space a complete makeover. Choose a tactile new fabric for your favourite cosy armchair or add eye-catching colours to your furniture set. Upholstered chairs are usually the focal point in any room so take advantage of that fact. Classic or bold designs can change the atmosphere making it more inviting. 


Our collection includes multiple high-quality textiles, creative designs and an exciting colour range that suits every home and budget. You can choose from a variety of popular colours in everything from traditional cool white shades to bold modern tones. You’ll also find selections of exquisite patterns and florals to add a splash of contrast. All our armchair covers are easy to slip on and off, and most can be machine washed to keep them crisp and fresh. 

IKEA Armchair Covers In Timeless Designs 

Our range offers armchair covers for all the popular IKEA models, meaning you can repair, replace and revamp whenever you want. They are sewn to order by our professionals in Europe and designed to fit your existing chairs perfectly. Covers also come in different fits so you can achieve a formal or relaxed look in your room. You can even have multiple sets and change your style with the seasons or when you have guests arriving.


Slim-fitting tailored covers add a streamlined, elegant look to your furniture. For a more casual and informal interior, there’s a looser fit with a slightly more flowing feel. Loose IKEA armchair covers are perfect for wingback chairs, giving an impression of luxury and opulence, adding to the comfort level. The vast choice of colours and fabrics makes it straightforward to coordinate or contrast your covers with your existing decor. 

Classic Materials For Your Armchair Slipcovers

Here at Bemz, we know that selecting the right fabric is an important factor, so we offer classic options, tactile fabrics and the extra durability of recycled alternatives in our Conscious collection. So there’s a perfect choice for your IKEA armchair covers, lifestyle and taste. 


Traditional, breathable materials like cool cotton and linen are ideal if you enjoy using your armchair daily. However, if you’re looking for the luxury factor, then the pure ‘touchability’ and visual interest of lush fabrics like luxe velvet or corduroy will add a new dimension. There’s a choice of weaves, quality and weight for all the materials so that you can choose the ultimate look of your armchair cover on any budget.

Bemz Armchair Covers For A New Look

IKEA armchair covers are small interior design details that should never be forgotten and can immediately impact the atmosphere. You can use them to change the mood, the style or the overall colour scheme. Adding contemporary textiles and warm tones can create a cosier room or add a bright, bold centrepiece to your space. Decide on the look you desire and browse our collection to choose a design you will love. 


At Bemz, you have a world of choices to breathe new life into your IKEA armchairs and furniture. You’ll find traditional designs and colours for a cool, contemporary Scandinavian look. Or you can be as creative as you want and mix individual armchair covers for a bold new style. If you need help in making a final choice, you can order our free fabric samples so you can match fabrics and colours in the comfort of your own home.



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