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Bemz replacement furniture legs fit models from IKEA and other companies. Add a different style and give your favorite furniture a creative new look.

Refresh Your Space With High-Quality Sofa Legs

Our furniture legs, out of solid wood, are durable and come in a variety of modern designs. To discover the style that suits your home, you can choose from a range of colors, such as silver-gray or black, along with natural wood. They are manufactured to fit multiple furniture brands and most IKEA furniture. You can change them easily as long as an M8 screw is used in your current leg fixing. Replace your worn or broken bed frame legs or treat yourself to new sofa legs as a beautiful interior design detail.


At Bemz, we know it is important to be able to decorate and design in your own style. In our collection, you will find replacement furniture legs, upholstery options, and other textiles that you can combine with your existing furnishings. You can choose original sofa legs, different cushion covers, or new upholstery for your IKEA sofas and armchairs. It is an ideal way to freshen up your space or add a striking focal point to your room.


Use Furniture Legs For Effective Interior Design

Furniture legs may be a small detail, but they are essential to the overall interior design look. By changing the legs on your furniture, you can add a personal touch, breathe new life into older items or alter the whole look. Our Bemz sofa legs come in various designs, thicknesses, and colors so that you can choose an exciting and eye-catching style. They also vary in height, so you can mix and match different items to instantly give your sofas and armchairs a modern makeover. 


Bemz furniture legs are not just for sofas and armchairs, so you can also choose matching footstool, chaise lounge, bed legs, and sofa bed legs. As long as your furniture has an M8 bracket, you can fit them easily and quickly with our screws. You can order the legs individually when you need to make a repair or choose as many as you need if you are buying for a larger group. If you need more advice about selecting the right ones, check our product information guide to find out if you can fit your armchair or sofa with our replacement legs.


IKEA Sofa Legs In Scandinavian Style

All our furniture legs can be used on your existing IKEA furniture if you want a fresh, new look. They are all specially designed with minimalism in mind. The designers have taken inspiration from well-known Swedish architecture, with contemporary details that will uplift any room. From sleek to chunky, they will all bring that clean Scandinavian style to your space.


Choose from narrow, elegant chair legs that give your armchairs style and height or sturdy square corner sofa legs for comfort and stability. Try our range of beautifully rounded legs to give a softer touch to your room. For a classic look, there is a collection of designs and shapes for achieving a slightly antique feeling with the influence of the Baroque era. Made of solid wood, our furniture legs are long-lasting, easy to care for, and make a nice style statement. 


IKEA furniture legs come in a variety of popular colors like white, black, and silver-gray, which really stand out. Alternatively, you can choose a natural wood look in different shades to match your interior design. Finding the perfect tone to suit your decor or existing covers and cushions is straightforward. Or why not get creative and add a bold contrasting color?


The Art Of Choosing New Furniture Legs

New legs in a different style or color can give all your furniture a unique contemporary look. To complete the look, there are specially sewn Bemz sofa and armchair covers so that you can experiment with color schemes and materials. Here are a few handy tips on how to get started.


Selecting The Perfect Height

An important factor when selecting the height of your furniture legs is how large or chunky the item is. More robust sofas are better nearer the floor, so choose sturdy, slightly shorter legs. On the other hand, a slender, minimalist sofa looks great if raised slightly as the height emphasizes its design. Here you can choose narrower sofa legs in an elegant style to enhance the aesthetics. 


Keeping Them In Style

Before buying new furniture legs for your IKEA furniture, it is worth thinking about how visible the legs are. Longer ones are more on show, so they usually need to be in a darker, neutral color and design to blend with the rest of your interior. If you want to create an original feature, then emphasize them by choosing one of our baroque-inspired styles. Or, opt for a slightly different color that contrasts with the sofa covers for an eye-catching and exciting new look.


Taking Care & Cleaning

Bemz furniture legs are painted with a protective coating and can be gently dusted or wiped off with a damp cloth. It is worth remembering, too, that choosing taller legs makes it easier to vacuum and keep the floor under the furniture clean. Whenever the furniture needs to be moved, the pads glued on each foot help to protect your floor surfaces and carpets. If one of your sofa legs is accidentally scratched or broken, you can quickly unscrew it to be repaired or replaced. 


Here at Bemz, we are passionate about people being able to decorate their space in their own way. Our entire collection of unique covers for sofas and armchairs can be paired with our specially designed IKEA furniture legs so you can create striking spaces at home. We are equally committed to sustainability and transparency to safeguard good working conditions and guarantee high-quality products. We want you to be thrilled with your choice and purchase of furniture legs.


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