Furniture Legs

Spruce up your favourite sofas and armchairs with new Bemz furniture legs that fit most designs from IKEA and many other companies.

Use Furniture Legs To Rejuvenate Your Space

At Bemz, we’re passionate about helping people get creative when decorating their space. Furniture legs are one of the small accessories that are often overlooked. In reality, they can change your design look, add an eye-catching detail or revamp older items. New sofa legs can immediately change the height of your furniture, too, so you’re invited to be as creative as you want. 


Bemz furniture legs are made of solid wood and come in various styles, colours and thicknesses. Our furniture legs also vary in height, so you can instantly create a feature by choosing different ones for individual items. They’re made to fit most of the IKEA range and multiple furniture brands. As long as your current leg fixing has an M8 screw, you can change them quickly and easily. It’s a straightforward and fun way to freshen up your space. 

How To Choose New IKEA Furniture Legs

New furniture legs in a different colour, height or style can immediately upgrade your tired furniture with a contemporary look. All our IKEA legs are durable and make a style statement with their minimalist design. Here are some useful tips before you browse our collection.

Choose Your Style 

Before buying new chair legs for your IKEA furniture, check the shape of all your current legs. Selecting pieces that mix styles helps your space look more modern and less like all your furniture is from the same line. Try switching straight legs for tapered, or go for a completely new design look. 

Design With Colour

Check how visible your chair legs and sofa feet will be before choosing a colour. Longer ones are more noticeable, so neutral or dark colours are popular as they blend well with other furnishings. If you want to make a statement, emphasise them with your colour choice or opt for a contrasting tone. 

Contrast With Height

One of the factors which makes an immediate impact is the height of your furniture legs. Remember, large or chunky sofas usually look better with sturdy, shorter legs. Raising or lowering them slightly for chairs and armchairs can immediately emphasise the design or give them a more elegant look. 

Consider The Thickness

Another consideration is the size and visual weight of your furniture. For instance, if you’re choosing IKEA bed legs, thick mattresses are often suited to wider legs and vice versa. On the other hand, sometimes a deep sofa can work well with thinner furniture legs, so a lot depends on the style you find most visually appealing.

Furniture Legs In Colourful Scandinavian Style

Bemz stocks a wide range of colours, so you can uplift your room and find a shade that suits you perfectly. IKEA legs come in contemporary modern colours and staples like black, white and silver-grey to contrast with most interior designs. There’s also a selection of shades in a natural wood look available for when you want something more traditional. Blend and tone your furniture legs for a minimalist style or mix and match for a bold contrast or when you want to create a focal point. 

Bemz IKEA Legs Make Interior Design Easy

Our furniture legs are also available for your beds, footstools, chaise lounges and sofa beds. You can order them individually to be as creative as you like. It’s straightforward to replace one damaged chair leg or choose to upgrade with a whole new set of wooden sofa legs. You can browse our product information guide for further assistance and even pair your furniture legs with new replacement furniture covers to create the design of your dreams.

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