Daybed Covers

A practical design solution, daybed covers can streamline your look and transform your single bed into a beautiful feature.

Get Inventive With Colourful Daybed Covers

Daybeds are one of the most versatile items of furniture around, offering a place to rest during the day, and to sleep peacefully at night. They’re fabulous for extra seating, entertaining and hosting overnight guests. It’s easy to add chic style to your room or patio with our high-quality daybed covers in hundreds of designs.


Upgrade your simple IKEA beds with textured fabrics, smooth linen or a fresh new colour or pattern. Whether you want soft neutral tones like beige, white or grey or vibrant hues of red or blue, you’re sure to find them in your chosen material. Then, complete the look of your new daybed by adding plush covers and textured cushions for a welcoming and relaxed feel.

Style With Relaxed Or Fitted Daybed Covers

Bemz IKEA daybed covers come in a choice of sizes, heights and styles and wrap all sides of your mattress. You can opt for the original streamlined regular fit or a looser, relaxed design for a more Bohemian look. All our covers are made to order by professionals in Europe and are easy to slip on and off for a quick change. Most of our carefully chosen materials are machine washable, too, so you can quickly freshen up when you’re expecting weekend guests. 


Keep a clean, contemporary look with our range of pure cotton or linen, available in many different qualities and weaves. If you want a hint of inviting luxury, then opt for a beautifully tactile material like rich velvet or corduroy for your daybed covers. We also have a fabric collection made from recycled material perfect for the patio or extra durability for a growing family. 

High-Quality Striking Bemz Daybed Covers 

Whether you want to choose an exciting new look or light pastel shades, our daybed covers can add energy or tranquil harmony. Opt for an eye-catching print, modern pattern or a bright summer colour for your room. You’ll find a beautiful, unique design solution and give your whole space a lovely fresh look or a peaceful, cosy feeling. 


Order up to five free fabric swatches to help you coordinate your daybed covers or feel the texture of different materials. Prepare to create a distinct look, up your comfort level, or add a fabulous focal point to your room. 


Bemz daybed/day bed covers for single beds, boxsprings/box springs or twin beds

Bemz daybed covers

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