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Fancy changing your IKEA sofa covers? Check out the latest designs, fabrics and colours and have fun creating your stylish new look.

Revamping Your IKEA Sofa Covers

IKEA offers modern, practical, made-to-last furniture. However, IKEA sofa covers can often become slightly shabby depending on the usage. There again, maybe you have changed your mind about your decor or colour scheme. With our sofa covers, you have the opportunity to fire up your inner designer and have made-to-order settee covers in a variety of fabrics and colours at a fraction of the cost of buying new sofas. 


By revamping your IKEA couch covers, you can create a unique style change in your room. You can go for a rich, opulent fabric in a warm, inviting colour that also makes a stylish and elegant statement. Alternatively, you might want to create a cooler, more laid-back feel to the room. You can achieve this by choosing linen or cool cotton sofa covers in a relaxed fit. Here at Bemz, we have several fits for our sewn-to-order sofa covers. 


Our Sofa Covers Will Fit All IKEA Couches

Yes, even if your furniture is a discontinued IKEA line, including the likes of Färlöv and Nockeby, we still make settee covers for them. Our settee covers for IKEA furniture can be made in different styles that you can select depending on the mood you want for the room. For example, we have sofa covers IKEA style that keeps to the original look. We also have a looser and minimalistic fit that can change the look of your couch.


If you are thinking of freshening up your room, not changing the room's design, then regular-fit sofa covers will work for you. However, if you want to give your room a more personal touch, check out the many different fabrics we have in different colours.

Create The Mood With Your Colours & Fabrics

You could add a little more sophistication to your room by layering colours. This means no need to change your curtains or accessories, but making a feature of your sofa by using a bold colour to make it stand out.


Another option is to keep to your original colour scheme but use a different fabric for your sofa covers to create texture and depth. For example, you could retain your curtains and accessories but choose a slightly lighter or darker colour for your sofas. Then select a softly textured fabric like our velvet or luxurious contemporary corduroy ranges. We also have some wool-look textured fabric that adds a tactile dimension. What about buying two couch covers? One sofa cover for everyday use and the other for those special occasions when visitors come round. 


Quality, Functional IKEA Settee Covers From Bemz

Most of our fabrics are machine washable, making your IKEA settee covers practical and functional. You can use them on couches and sofa beds in any of your rooms. For those who have an IKEA furniture series, no worries. We make covers for armchairs, footstools and chaise longues, so you can coordinate your rooms as you like.


You can order your sofa covers online once you have selected your fabric and fit. If you struggle to choose, you can order up to five fabric samples for free to see how they look and feel. Made in Europe and sewn to order by our experienced professionals, you will love the quality of your personalised sofa cover.



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