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A design statement for every season with Bemz cushion covers. With lots of fabric choices and colours to play with, you can showcase your unique style.

Freshen Up Your IKEA Cushion Covers

You might not want to change your IKEA sofas, but have you thought about changing the cushion covers? You can change the colour to contrast or blend with your couch cover. When you want a new look, try some tactile fabric like velvet or corduroy for a richer, more elegant vibe. You don’t even have to have individual covers in the same colour. How about matching some grey cushion covers with pink or green cushion covers for a relaxing feel?


While we make IKEA cushion covers for popular IKEA furniture like Ektorp, Beddinge, Karlstad and Friheten, our covers also come in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes. 

Changing Your Rooms With Cushion Covers

Don’t underestimate the power of these familiar accessories. Functional, practical, and fun, you can go to town styling your room with cushions of all shapes and sizes. Add some texture with the fabrics you choose for your IKEA cushion covers, and you can dress up or dress down your space. 


Adding a few extra cushions can immediately change the tone and atmosphere of any room. The fabric you choose for sofa cushion covers and decorative pillow covers can brighten a dull room or make it look more opulent and inviting. The exciting news is you can even change them every season, freshening up the look. Think bright, natural colours for spring and summer, slightly darker tones for autumn and winter, and add in some festive colours for Christmas.


The colour and fabric you choose for your cushions set the style, mood and ambience. We have over 100 fabric choices, with various traditional and modern colours to suit every taste. All our cushion covers are sewn to order in Europe by experienced professionals, providing you with quality, durable cushion and pillowcase covers for every room. Most of our fabrics are machine washable, so you’ll have no hassle removing stains or giving them a quick freshen-up. 

Tips For Styling With New Cushions

First, decide on the colour palette that will work with your room and decor, then think about the style you want to convey with your cushions. Neutral, minimalist, bold, edgy, bohemian or contemporary? You can quickly go for any of these looks with our covers, changing them as the mood strikes you. Everything is made quick and easy with our neat side zip fasteners.


Next, think about the shape of the cushions. We have scatter and pillow covers for square, oblong and round cushions, so the choice is yours. Consider mixing and matching these shapes. Try putting larger cushions in a solid colour with smaller or round cushions in front in a contrasting colour within your chosen palette. Use bold colours for your cushions if your room colour is more neutral; this helps add some depth to the space. 


Layering with texture is another way to make your sofa cushion covers interesting. Velvet or corduroy are great tactile fabrics for cushion covers. They also look inviting and plush, something you want to sit against or cuddle. Use the ‘karate chop’ to create a lived-in and cosy look. The crease in the middle of a cushion helps break up a formal arrangement, uniting different sizes and giving a relaxed feel to the room.

Choosing Your Fabric From Bemz

We want all our customers to enjoy their shopping experience with us, so you can order up to 5 free samples of our fabric to help you decide what works for you. You can also use the online chat on our website to ask any questions to help you make a final choice.


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