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Bemz is continuously looking for design and lifestyle-oriented collaborations. If you have a website within the realm of interior design and home decor, joining Bemz affiliate program means that you will earn a commission on the sales made by your visitors. The program is profitable, simple and free to join. 


  • Frequent running campaigns 
  • High AOV of $250 +
  • 30 days cookie time as a standard 
  • Exclusive codes and increased commission for well performing publishers 
  • An extensive range of fabrics and models, to appeal to a broad variety of styles and price points
  • Our fabrics are selected for their high quality and come with a 3 year warranty
  • Bemz also offers a range of accessories including furniture legs, cushions, bedspreads, bedskirts and curtains
  • Our products are custom made to order with a two-week return policy.

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