Chair Covers

Spruce up your dining room with high-quality chair covers in modern designs or try adding an extra layer of comfort to your favorite cozy chairs.

Beautify Your Home With Replacement Chair Covers

Keeping your home fresh and beautiful can be a challenge if you have kids, pets, or limited time. Our chair covers make it easy to refresh any space, and cleaning is a breeze. You can also update your furniture with new chair slipcovers in an on-trend design or color. Dress those dreary chairs and add a crisp or classy look to your older seats. 


At Bemz, you will find a vast range of chair covers and chair protectors that fit popular models from IKEA and other seat manufacturers. Carefully selected fabrics, designs, and color ranges mean you have hundreds of high-quality choices. You can use chair covers as an affordable way to instantly harmonize uncoordinated decor or blend in seats with table linen, curtains, or walls. You can effortlessly create a whole new welcoming look. 


Chair Covers To Protect And Renew Your Furniture 

With chair covers to protect your upholstery, there is no need to worry about spills or accidents. Precious old chairs retain their luster, and expensive new seats stay blemish-free. They revitalize your worn-out furniture, cover existing scuffs, and help prevent damage to exposed areas. Most of our fabric lines are machine washable, meaning you can quickly refresh and clean them. 


A complete makeover for your favorite chairs can transform them into a sophisticated focal point. Fitting high-quality chair slipcovers in vibrant modern designs is a straightforward way to change the atmosphere in your room in an affordable, hassle-free way. Give your dining chairs a unique look by choosing trendy chair covers, an exciting color, or a lush new texture. 


Rejuvenate Your Look With IKEA Cover Chair Designs

If you have existing IKEA chairs, it is time to give them a glamorous makeover. You will find IKEA replacement chair covers in various colors, patterns, and designs. Transform them with a bold, unique look, or go for uniformity by matching them with your decor’s other accent pieces. So whether you need to replace a discontinued IKEA chair protector past its prime or treat yourself to extra covers for current models, your chairs will look new again. 


  • With hundreds of choices, you are free to get creative with a mix and match palette of colors, prints, and fabrics. Stay with minimalist pure linens and cotton, or turn your chair into a unique, eye-catching centerpiece. Many of our chair slipcover IKEA chair designs are inspired by mid-century modern Scandinavian designers. Try experimenting as much as you want by adding a different length of chair cover or adding bright, contrasting colors to your room.


Bemz Chair Slipcovers Made To Your Personal Order

Sustainability is an essential factor at Bemz, and by changing your chair covers, you extend the overall life of your furniture. Knowing our chair protectors are sustainably sourced and produced, you can rejuvenate and re-cover with a clear conscience. In addition, once you have made your choice, your covers are made to order by our sewists. This means we can reduce waste and guarantee high-quality products and good working conditions. It also means you can be more specific in your choice and receive precisely the designs you want.


Choose Your Chair Cover Fabrics To Suit Your Taste

There are more than 100 different materials to help you achieve that perfect look. Our range always includes timeless classics such as cotton, linen, velvet, and corduroy. For extra durability, you can also opt for our recycled fabrics in the Conscious collection for your chair slipcovers. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:


Sophisticated & Sensual 

By choosing a rich fabric like velvet, your chair covers will have a uniquely refined look. It also adds extra comfort and a soft feel, and a luxurious atmosphere to your room.


Tactile & Textured 

Choose from our Bemz Tactile chair cover collection for an even more touchable fabric. We offer several styles, including Tweed and Bouclé, for a textured effect and an upscale feel.


Chic & Relaxed 

Cotton fabrics are a classic choice for chair covers due to their soft, breathable comfort. However, as an alternative, the beauty of natural linen will offer all the rustic, charming character you could want. 


Practical & Hardwearing 

Our Conscious recycled fabrics are perfect when strength or durability are needed. These supple materials hold their shape and provide great coverage for chair covers in daily use.


A Diverse Color Palette For Your New Chair Slipcovers

Whatever your existing decor, you will find exclusive colors for your chair covers in every shade of the rainbow. There is a choice for every chair, from cool creams and light tints to darker shades and bright, intense colors. We also have a collection of beautifully patterned modern fabrics together with floral and striped designs. You can even opt for different colors for all your dining chair covers for a stylish and contemporary twist in the dining room. 


Chair Protectors Create An Original Look For Your Home

Effective interior design means that every tiny detail has a vital role to play and can impact the overall feel of your room. For example, your chair covers and chair skirts can help change the mood, brighten up the color scheme, or create a personalized look. In addition, they can be chosen to give a stylish impression by coordinating colors with other furnishings. You can opt for mixing and matching for a slightly Bohemian atmosphere for a more relaxed decor. 


Selecting Your Sofa Covers Is Straightforward With Bemz

You are assured a smooth experience when purchasing your chair covers and chair slipcovers at Bemz. If you still can not decide, you can order our free top-quality fabric swatches, allowing you to browse and match at home. Once you have decided, selecting your covers is straightforward and fast. Simply choose the IKEA chair model, the cover that correctly fits the size, and your favorite fabric. You can also find a selection of other items in the same beautiful designs, including curtains, cushion covers, and bean bag covers, so you can coordinate the look or get even more creative.



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