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Fabrics can determine the overall style and beauty of your space. Browse our collection of fabrics online to find what best suits your needs.

Bemz Fabrics Offer Quality, Versatility & Choice

Today’s fabric market can get a little overwhelming as there are so many options for different textiles alongside all the colours and patterns you can select. At Bemz, we have over 100 varieties of materials you can use in your home, available in a broad colour palette you can use creatively.


Our textile choices let you think outside the box in how you utilise them and provide combinations that reflect your style. Opt for simple, clean lines, or add texture, warmth and a bit of indulgence. Whatever decor you’re planning, we have the fabrics that will fit right in, be it formal, informal, vintage, contemporary or industrial. 

How Do You Choose Your Favourite Fabrics?

When browsing for textiles, something often catches your attention, whether it’s the pattern, colour or the material itself. Shopping for fabrics online offers opportunities to explore the world of different materials at leisure. No competing with other shoppers for the attention of a salesperson! 


All Bemz fabrics online come with detailed information on the material and its care instructions. 

Although most of our textiles are machine washable, a few require special cleaning, which is always indicated in the product description. 

Types Of Materials You Will Discover At Bemz

Our material selection does change as we discover new and exciting colours and textures, but you will usually find the following classic textiles: 


Most people are familiar with cotton, a natural fibre that’s hard-wearing and washable. Cotton is cool and smooth to the touch and a particularly good choice for people with sensitive skin. This rustic fabric has been around for thousands of years. Soft yet strong, it’s a comfortable and breathable material that’s lovely to look at. Perfect for both homes and workspaces, you can get very creative with its use. 


Cotton is a family-friendly, durable material that you can easily place in any space. While we primarily associate it with a casual, relaxed style, it also works well in more formal settings. Our versatile cotton textiles can be found in light and dark shades, allowing you to coordinate, blend, or go boldly with its use. The other plus with cotton is that you can use it for almost anything, from upholstery to accents and curtains.


One of the oldest types of fabric, linen is as popular today as it was in Ancient Egypt, where it was used as a symbol of wealth and often used as currency. Today linen remains popular for its strength, durability and versatility. Woven from the Flax plant, it’s also a sustainable product.


You can use linen anywhere in your home with confidence. Linen is a luxurious material that adds an appealing dimension to your interior design and feels good to the touch. It’s often used in upholstery and curtain fabrics because it doesn’t pill and has natural antistatic properties. It works well with contemporary or traditional designs, being both billowy and tailored, and draping beautifully. Bemz offers linen material in a lovely array of colours that you can mix, match, contrast, or blend. 


Lush, plush, soft-on-the-skin velvet is the fabric you always want to touch and run your hands over. Cool against your fingers, velvet is a great tactile textile to place anywhere in your home. It also has a visual appeal as the natural and artificial light ripples the material with shine and shadow. Even though velvet is a luxe textile, it also brings tensile strength and durability.


Like our other textiles, most of our velvet can be machine washed, making it an excellent decorative fabric that’s also practical. The array of colours we have can completely change the look of your room. Soft, gentle shades are sophisticated and feminine and present a classic look. The darker velvets create a more intimate, sensual, and slightly exotic feel. Whichever colour you choose from the Bemz velvet range, have fun mixing and matching colours and materials to achieve the look you want.


Corduroy is an impressive, tactile fabric that brings a contemporary vibe into your space. For those wanting something a little different, corduroy is an excellent material for upholstery but also works well for accessories like cushions. This raised, ridged, soft textile is distinctive due to the wales or raised ribs you see. The higher the wales, the finer the material, so to drape well as curtain fabric, you need to use a finer wale corduroy. Pincord is the finest variant, and the thickest is elephant cord. 

Bemz Products Can Help Restyle Your Home

At Bemz, our product range includes covers for IKEA furniture, both their current and discontinued ranges. The fabric covers are all made to order in Europe and sewn by professionals. You can cover your couches, armchairs, sofa beds or footstools with 100+ exciting textiles. We also provide a variety of fits and styles to suit your interior design ideas. You can also find covers for beds, bases and mattresses, as well as headboards.


Shopping with us means you can personalise your space and accessorise with cushion covers and curtains to mix, match or coordinate. How about going for a complete overhaul and selecting from our range of legs for beds and chairs? Maybe it’s time to update your dining room with our contemporary touchy-feely range of textured fabrics?


For a true look and feel test of our fabrics, you can order up to five free swatches. Check them out in different lights throughout the day and see how they work with your lifestyle. Rub them, let the kids play with them, and feel them on your skin. When you’re sure they’re perfect, the next step is to use our easy online ordering system. There’s a wide selection of payment options, and we’ll give you an estimated delivery date at checkout.


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