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Make your cosy IKEA bed even more inviting with a smart new bed frame cover, available in a vast range of designs, fabrics and shades.

Bed Frame Covers Create A Flawless Finish

If you still love the comfort of your IKEA bed, but the design has been discontinued or needs a refresh, Bemz has the answer. It can be reinstated to its former glory and given an uplifting new look in minutes. A new bed frame cover in a plush fabric or modern colour can provide a simple and stylish makeover and keep it cosy for years to come. 


Make your bed a beautiful focal point in the bedroom and add a hint of luxury to your leisure time and beauty sleep. It may be a small accessory, but a bed frame cover can instantly add a fresh burst of colour or create a romantic atmosphere. These covers are easy to fit and wrap around the bed, covering all the unsightly outside edges. With hundreds to choose from, you can give your room a makeover in a style you’ll adore. 


Browse Our Vast IKEA Bed Covers Collection

Softer neutral tones like grey and beige work well when coordinating with your decor. For a sleek Scandinavian look, creams and whites always look crisp and welcoming. The dark, richer palettes will immediately draw your eye and add a touch of glamour to your space. With new bed frame covers, you can affordably refresh with colour and achieve an expensive-looking result.


All Bemz bed frame covers and protectors are designed using high-quality fabrics and are made-to-order by professionals in Europe. You can choose from timeless favourites like pure cotton or linen in a range of weaves to add smooth comfort or a textured luxury feel. Try the opulence of lush velvet or classic corduroy for a dramatic look for your bed cover. You can even study the textures up close with our handy free fabric swatch samples.


Bemz Bed Frame Covers In High-quality Designs 

Our bed frame covers and slipcovers come in standard sizes in the original IKEA covers bed fit, or you can opt for a more flowing, looser style. Nearly all our materials are easy to care for and machine washable to keep them in pristine condition. You’ll also find a useful collection of matching accessories, including separate headboard covers, skirts and cushion covers. Be as creative as you like refreshing your bedroom with contrasting fabrics, textures and colours!


 Bed frame covers for discontinued IKEA Vanvik, Florö and Grimen beds

Bemz bed frame covers

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