Ektorp Covers

It's time to refresh and update your covers for Ektorp furniture from IKEA. Discover a vast array of fabrics and colours to choose from at Bemz.

Why Choose Bemz Covers For Ektorp Furniture

Here at Bemz, we encourage you to make exciting style choices with the range of fabrics and colours available to create new Ektorp covers for your Ektorp furniture. All our covers are made in Europe and sewn to order by professionals. Plus, most of our fabrics are machine washable to make life much easier. Be as bold as you like with your colour and fabric choice, whether you want to contrast or coordinate with your room's design scheme. If you’ve more than one piece of Ektorp furniture, have you considered covers in different colours to make a lively, artistic statement? 


Deciding to cover your Ektorp couch, chaise longue or footstool with Bemz Ektorp covers presents you with endless possibilities. Choose from our different materials, like smooth cotton or relaxed linen. Go a bit more upscale and add some glamour with our soft, plush velvets. When you want a more contemporary look, our lovely corduroy collection is for you. Or how about trying our peachy-soft curated range of textured fabrics? 

Update Your Ektorp Furniture Style With Ektorp Covers

Squishy, soft and comfortable, Ektorp furniture is a classic IKEA series. Stylish and snug, you can dress your furniture with the right IKEA Ektorp covers. Present a more relaxed bohemian style with IKEA slipcovers for your Ektorp furniture. Alternatively, create a smart, modern style using your Ektorp covers as a backdrop for different accessories like cushions or throws.


It's easy to swap and change covers for your Ektorp furniture, as they come with hidden zips and the cushion covers are reversible. You can select covers for Ektorp furniture in different fits, from the classic look that comes out of the IKEA showroom to a more relaxed style. Both can be made to order with or without piping. For some Ektorp furniture covers, you could opt for the minimalistic fit that changes the overall look.

Straightforward Ordering For Bemz Ektorp Covers

Some people know what they want in terms of colour and fabrics. For others, it can be a difficult choice, so to help with this, you can order up to five fabric samples. Then you can see and feel how they will work in your rooms. If you still have some questions in mind, you can always have a chat with us via our online support.



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