IKEA Ektorp Sofa Covers

Here at Bemz, we have IKEA Ektorp sofa covers for all the range, including discontinued models, all in a variety of lovely fabrics and colours.

Transform Your Sofa With An Ektorp Sofa Cover

The comfy, cosy IKEA Ektorp furniture range has the perfect sofas to cuddle into with soft cushions at just the right height and depth. These are sofas for pure relaxation at any time of the day and maybe an odd cuddle or two!


The popularity of the Ektorp sofas, including the now discontinued two and three-seater sofa beds, cannot be denied. Using IKEA couch covers for your Ektorp sofa can help protect a new purchase from the dramas of daily living. In addition, it puts your personal touch on the styling of your furniture and rooms.

Make A Difference With IKEA Couch Covers - Ektorp Range

Bemz has over 100 materials in several collections and a range of colours. Do you want your Ektorp sofa covers for daily use or something special for when visitors come? It may be that you want both!


Colours strongly impact a room, so take the time to decide if you want your IKEA sofa covers for the Ektorp range to blend in or stand out. A strong shade can make a feature of your couch while a softer colour blends it in. Certain colours produce a relaxing, calm mood while others can be energising. Blending shades of your chosen colour has a welcoming look, and although bold contrasts can be startling, they certainly grab people's attention and make a style statement.

Using Fabric To Make A Difference To Ektorp Sofas

Alongside the visual artistry of colour, the choice of fabric for your Ektorp sofa covers can impact your room. You can choose from cool, comfortable cotton and linens and tactile fabrics such as peachy-feel or wool-look material ranges. For a contemporary yet timeless look, think about our textured corduroy collection. 


If you want some touchable luxury, then look at our plush velvet range. This lush, soft material adds a new dimension to the comfort of your Ektorp sofa. For something a little more robust for daily use, check out our range of recycled fabrics. Most of our materials for Ektorp sofa covers are machine washable and designed to be easy to put on and remove. 


At Bemz, not only do you have a choice of fabrics, but your Ektorp sofa covers can also come in various fits. First, there is the classic, piped look that replicates the original IKEA fit. You can also go for a looser, more relaxed look. Finally, for some of the Ektorp range of couches, we have minimalistic covers that can completely change how your sofa looks.

Ordering Your IKEA Ektorp Sofa Covers Is Simple

Once you have found the fabric and colour for your Ektorp sofa covers, you just need to decide on the ideal fit. You can then follow the straightforward online instructions to place your order. All our covers will then be made-to-order in Europe by experienced professionals. However, please use our support chat on the website if you wish to ask anything.


Discover our incredible selection of Ektorp sofa covers (plus slipcovers for the complete IKEA Ektorp series)

Transform your IKEA Ektorp sofa beyond recognition

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