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IKEA Ektorp sofa review

Classic design and high quality have made Ektorp one of IKEA's most popular series of all time. Read this review then learn how to make your Ektorp unique with a Bemz cover.

Why everyone loves Ektorp

The Ektorp furniture series is known for several classic attributes: rounded armrests, soft, upholstered seats/cushions and piping. Ektorp sofas, armchairs and chaises longues are known for both luxurious comfort and high quality. Their classic design makes them the clear choice for a romantic decor - yet versatile enough to suit a variety of rooms - especially when styled with a Bemz cover. The Ektorp series is flexible enough to work beautifully with other styles of furniture or with other models within the same range.


  • Regular Fit is our most popular style and is available in all Bemz colours and patterns. The fit is designed exactly to the dimensions of the furniture and has the appearance of an upholstered sofa or armchair.

  • Loose Fit is available in all of our pre-washed linens at Bemz. This somewhat looser fit, paired with armrest covers and ties, gives the sofa a rustic and romantic style, completely transforming the look of the original IKEA piece.

Transform your Ektorp with Bemz

With the help of Bemz you can give your favourite Ektorp a complete makeover with two unique styles of covers and endless fabric choices. Each style of cover gives the Ektorp sofa, armchair, chaise longue or footstool its own distinct look. You can now also buy armrest covers  to go with all Ektorp sofa and armchair covers. They're sold in pairs and are a great way to prevent wear and tear. They also make cleaning a snap since you can simply throw the armrest covers in the wash for spot cleaning.

Bemz covers for many Ektorp models come with or without piping. Choose Ektorp covers with piping if you prefer a classic look that most closely resembles the original IKEA Ektorp cover. Or you can choose Ektorp covers without piping if you prefer a more simple, modern look.