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Fabric covers for IKEA Ektorp armchairs

Replacement IKEA Ektorp armchair covers. Bemz slipcovers for IKEA armchairs are removable, machine washable and available in hundreds of high design colours, prints and fabric qualities.

    The nicest replacement covers & extra slipcovers for IKEA Ektorp armchairs | IKEA Ektorp chairs

    If your beloved IKEA Ektorp armchair cover is looking a little worn and tired, or if you’d like to give it a designer makeover, Bemz has the solution for you. We offer either IKEA Ektorp armchair slipcovers in Regular Fit or IKEA Ektorp armchair covers in our Loose Fit style. All of our IKEA Ektorp armchair covers are made of high quality fabrics, sewn to order in Europe and shipped home to you. You simply choose a fabric you love, order securely and quickly online, and receive a top quality fabric cover for your IKEA Ektorp armchair sent home to you. Already have an IKEA Ektorp armchair but need to replace the Ektorp armchair cover? Interested in getting an extra Ektorp armchair cover or additional Ektorp armchair slipcover to swap out during different seasons or occasions? Take a look at our wide selection of high end fabric covers and choose a colour or print that suits your individual taste. Buying an IKEA Ektorp armchair for the first time? You can get your Ektorp chair at IKEA without the cover and go straight to a high design finish from the very beginning with a Bemz designer slipcover.

    What’s special about Bemz covers for the IKEA Ektorp armchair?

    Bemz is a Scandinavian design company that makes custom covers for IKEA armchairs (and other IKEA furniture). With a Bemz cover for your IKEA Ektorp armchair, you can rest assured that you are buying a high quality product, made in Europe. We personally know our skilled seamstresses and their working conditions (which are governed by EU labour laws). A Bemz fabric slipcover for your IKEA Ektorp armchair is available in hundreds of colours in an array of fabric qualities - from pure linen, to 100% cotton to velvet armchair covers and more.  Bemz cloth covers are available in two distinct fits to help you achieve a unique fit: Regular Fit, which has a snug fit similar to the original IKEA Ektorp armchair cover or Loose Fit Country, which has a relaxed look and feel and appeals to those who love either the Shabby Chic look or a more rustic, romantic country look. We also offer our Ektorp armchair covers with piping (for those who prefer a the classic style of the original IKEA Ektorp armchair slipcover) or without piping (for those who like a simple, modern look). All Bemz fabric covers for IKEA furniture are machine washable, easy to slip on and off and quality guaranteed for 3 years.

    IKEA Ektorp armchair review and guide

    Our Ektorp armchair review: We’ve seen many IKEA armchairs come and go, but the fact that Bemz slipcovers for the IKEA Ektorp armchair have been a bestseller for years tells us that this IKEA armchair is a keeper. It’s comfortable and roomy with a deep seat, rounded ample armrests and thick back and seat cushions that spring back to their original shape after being used. It has a classic, timeless appeal (which accounts for its longevity at IKEA) and is versatile enough to fit a variety of interior styles. While we adore the original, down to earth IKEA Ektorp armchair as is, it’s our opinion that it’s even more lovable when glammed up in a Bemz Regular Fit velvet armchair cover or transformed to a Shabby Chic design piece with one of our Loose Fit Country Ektorp armchair slipcovers. Whichever way you choose to cover or restyle your Ektorp armchair, given that it comes with a 10 year warranty, we’re sure that you’ll love it for a long time. Send us your Ektorp armchair review - we want to hear your opinion!