IKEA Ektorp Sofa Covers

Fancy changing up your Ektorp sofa covers or trying a different color or fabric? Our Bemz IKEA sofa covers are the solution.

Versatile Ektorp Couch Covers

If you want to change your decor and keep a tight budget, consider changing your Ektorp couch covers. The vast array of fabrics we have are designed to fit IKEA Ektorp sofas, even the discontinued 2-seater sofa bed. 


Ektorp is a durable, comfortable sofa whose classic style fits with different decors and is popular in American homes and apartments. However, you might fancy being bold and adventurous by changing a plain Ektorp couch cover for a patterned cover. Our Ektorp sofa slipcovers are perfect for changing the look of your room. Go from a family comfort couch to an elegant couch on the weekend by adding an Ektorp sofa slipcover in velvet. The darker colors immediately give a sophisticated vibe. Want to impress your family and friends? You can quickly do this by selecting one of the modern designer fabrics from Bemz.


Practical Ektorp Sofa Covers

Whichever of our 100+ fabrics you decide on, all covers will be made to order by our experienced sewists. Maybe you are thinking about changing the style of your Ektorp sofa covers? Then try going for a more relaxed look without the classic piping with Bemz's loose-fit design. These covers are perfect for a more easygoing, casual style with a floor-length drape. Alternatively, go for a more tactile fabric like Tweed with its brushed wool-look finish, or select from the Conscious range of recycled fabrics. Whichever material you choose, it is reassuring to know you can put all the Ektorp couch covers in the washing machine. Most Bemz fabrics are machine washable, and the cushions are reversible.


Another popular choice for homeowners looking to protect their furniture from children and pets is to purchase armrests and cushion covers. These can be in matching fabric or a contrast fabric to brighten up the look of your Ektorp sofa or when you want to change the style of your room.


Changing The Mood With Ektorp Sofa Slipcovers

A complete overhaul of a room can be costly, but you can quickly change the atmosphere by altering the colors. We all know about the benefits of bringing nature indoors with green foliage in plants and artwork. With Ektorp sofa slipcovers, you can also change the color of your sofa and your space. Having cushions made in the same fabric and color or as a contrast works well in adapting the mood of your room. Bemz covers are also easy to put on and take off. With our IKEA Ektorp sofa covers and slipcovers, you can adapt style and color. Of course, color is a deeply personal choice, but we attach some moods to colors.


A Green Ektorp Sofa Cover 

This color creates a warming and comforting, peaceful atmosphere that you can contrast with whites, yellows, and different tones of green or brown.


A Yellow Ektorp Sofa Cover

Yellow is the color of joy, and as an IKEA Ektorp sofa cover, it would make a lovely statement piece. In addition, yellow combines well with green.


A White Ektorp Couch Cover

A Ektorp sofa cover in white can be cool looking and elegant. This color can open up a small space, and it is a great base color to use any other color for contrast.


Discover our incredible selection of Ektorp sofa covers (plus slipcovers for the complete IKEA Ektorp series)

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