IKEA Strandmon armchair covers

Everyone loves the comfort and privacy of a great IKEA armchair. If you are already tired of the shade, change it up with our Strandmon covers.

Transform Your Armchairs With Strandmon Chair Covers

Vintage-inspired Strandmon armchairs provide maximum relaxation with deep comfy cushioning and curved backrests. An effortlessly chic IKEA design, they’re sure to be your favourite place to snuggle and put your feet up. New Strandmon chair covers can help keep them in tip-top condition or revitalise their tired look with a modern makeover. There’s a selection of fresh colours, luxury weaves, bold designs and plush textures to choose from at Bemz.

Bemz Covers Make A Home Design Statement 

IKEA Strandmon armchair covers make it affordable and easy to add a creative look without the need to redecorate. You can design an intimate reading nook or change colours with the seasons with a simple cover swap. There are lines of classic fabrics like peachy soft cotton and crisp contemporary linen in varying thicknesses and weaves. In addition, you’ll find rich shades and silky smooth textures in various designs you’ll love. Made to order by our professionals in Europe, you’ll receive high-quality Strandmon chair covers precisely to your needs and specifications.

High-Quality Removable Strandmon Chair Slipcovers 

Our Strandmon chair covers, designed to fit your armchair perfectly, come with the original clean IKEA lines and classic piping. Thanks to the handy zipper fastening, the two pieces are straightforward to slip on and off. They make your furniture simple to maintain, and most of our covers are machine washable for convenience. So when you feel like a complete change or creating a welcoming weekend ambience, it’s fast and easy to add a practical and luxury look. You can also have fun with matching or coordinating accessories at Bemz - from footrests and children’s armchairs to cosy cushions.


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