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Sofa covers for the IKEA Karlstad couch series

Extra/replacement IKEA Karlstad sofa covers and personalised IKEA Karlstad couch covers for the entire IKEA Karlstad sofa series, including Karlstad sofa bed covers.

    Replacement IKEA Karlstad sofa covers/IKEA Karlstad couch covers

    Whether you’re in need of a replacement 3 seater IKEA Karlstad 3 seater sofa cover, an extra IKEA Karlstad 2 seater couch cover, or an additional Karlstad sofa bed cover, Bemz has the highest quality couch covers for the complete IKEA Karlstad sofa series. Introduced at IKEA a few years ago, the Karlstad sofa series is now discontinued, but is as popular as ever for its simple, modern, versatile aesthetic. So if you want to hold onto your Karlstad sofa but find its original IKEA Karlstad couch cover worn out (or just out of style), a Bemz sofa cover is the perfect solution.

    Personalised, replacement IKEA Karlstad sofa covers by Bemz

    Always sewn-to-order to avoid waste, Bemz sofa covers for the discontinued IKEA Karlstad series are available in hundreds of colours, textures and patterns to allow complete personalisation. Bemz couch covers are also available in a variety of unique fits, so if loose sofa covers made of pure linen or super soft chenille are your thing, be sure to discover Bemz Loose Fit covers for Karlstad sofas. All of our other fabric qualities are available in Regular Fit, which looks like the same snug fit as the original IKEA Karlstad sofa cover.

    Extra IKEA Karlstad couch covers by Bemz

    If your current IKEA Karlstad couch cover is torn, stained or just not that trendy new colour you covet, a Bemz sofa cover is an excellent solution, since you can no longer buy a Karlstad sofa cover at IKEA. With a Bemz slipcover, not only can you have an extra sofa cover for your IKEA Karlstad couch (pure white linen for summer or luxe velvet for winter) but by having an extra IKEA Karlstad couch cover to rotate, you’ll extend the life of your Karlstad sofa cover(s) even longer. All Bemz sofa covers are machine washable too, so no need for expensive and inconvenient trips to the dry cleaner when your Karlstad sofa cover is in need of a refresh (and if you have an extra Karlstad sofa cover, there’s no need for your Karlstad to sit uncovered in the living room while your first cover is in the wash!).