IKEA Karlstad Sofa Covers

Are you looking to update your sofa? Select from our Karlstad sofa covers to swap and change the look of your IKEA sofa to suit your decor or mood.

Modernize & Update With Karlstad Couch Covers

Modern and versatile, Karlstad was one of the popular choices from IKEA, although the range was discontinued. The good news is that you can still enjoy its minimalist design and comfort by changing your IKEA Karlstad couch covers and slipcovers. The fabrics we use to make the Karlstad sofa covers offer you ample opportunity to experiment with colors, design, and texture, helping you create the ideal atmosphere in your room.


The comfort of the Karlstad range of sofas has always made them favored. However, time has a way of wearing out the covers, or maybe your tastes have changed since you bought them. Kids and pets can also contribute to your covers becoming a little frayed and sad. With our variety of fabrics in different colors, textures, and patterns, you can use our Karlstad sofa covers to refresh your well-loved piece of furniture. From the 2 and 3-seater couch to sofa beds and corner sofas, you can customize as you want, keeping them updated and fresh-looking.


Re-Cover With Karlstad Sofa Slipcovers

Recovering your IKEA sofa is a great way to prolong the life of your Karlstad couch. Most of our fabrics are machine washable, and the covers are easy to take on and off. You might want to think about a Karlstad sofa slipcover for those special occasions. They are perfect when you want to give a welcoming look to your room when friends come round. 


At Bemz, we have the fabric that will work for you. Practical, durable Panama cotton is ideal when heavy use is the order of the day. One of the darker shades would work best in this situation, but not if you have a white cat or dog! We also have a variety of shades in our Original Cotton collection with its soft peach-like feel. 


Are you searching for a slightly more sophisticated look? You could consider a Karlstad sofa cover in the Simply velvet or corduroy range, bringing a luxurious feel to your Karlstad couch covers. You can choose colors to blend into your decor or patterns that stand out and make a statement.


Karlstad Sofa Covers - For A Timeless Look

Whichever combination of the Karlstad sofas you have, we have the covers. You can change the style of your furniture even more by selecting an alternative fitting. The familiar regular cover matches the original IKEA Karlstad couch covers, and we also offer a looser fit. Your Karlstad sofa covers are made to order by our experienced sewists. A loose fit provides a more relaxed style and silhouette, where the raised seams add definition to the sofa. Our minimalistic covers can dramatically alter the look of your couch by simplifying the overall shape. With a Bemz Karlstad sofa cover or Karlstad sofa slipcovers, you can create the look you want quickly and economically.


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