IKEA Karlstad Sofa Covers

These made-to-order Karlstad sofa covers can completely transform your living spaces. Explore our range of covers for this popular IKEA sofa series.

Give Your IKEA Sofa A New Look With Our Karlstad Sofa Covers

Unmatched seating comfort is what comes to mind when you think of the IKEA Karlstad sofa series. The seat cushions are filled with high-resilience foam and polyester fibre wadding to give your body the support it needs. 


We understand why you would want to hold onto your Karlstad sofa - it is simple, modern, and versatile. That's why we have the solution to keeping your Karlstad sofa pristine. You can get creative with your Karlstad sofa covers by choosing a different fit, including the original cover design, a more relaxed fit or a minimalistic fit. For added protection, we have Karlstad sofa slipcovers that easily slide right onto your sofa. In addition, most of our fabrics are machine washable, making life so much easier.


Improve Your Living Room With IKEA Karlstad Couch Covers 

Your living room is the first room someone enters in your house, so how it looks creates an impact. So a dull-looking sofa won't do. We've got IKEA sofa covers for the Karlstad series to suit everyone. Lovely fabrics which you can use to personalise your sofa. From beautiful textured patterns to solid colours with linen, cotton, corduroy and velvet fabrics, we've got something for everyone!


While a neutral tone will give your living room a more sophisticated look, a bold and vibrant Karlstad sofa cover can give it stunning dynamism. It's best to experiment with multiple styles to see which one suits you and your living room the best. If you're still confused about which fabric to choose, order free samples of up to 5 fabrics that you think will suit your living room and discover which is the best one for you.


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