IKEA Karlstad Covers

Restore or customize the look of your favorite furniture with our classic Karlstad IKEA cover range, available for the entire sofa series.

Karlstad IKEA Covers For Your Couch & Armchairs

The timeless Karlstad series contains comfortable sofas and armchairs that you can combine to suit your own style. Its modern look and clean lines made it a popular range known for its comfy seating. So, if your seat cushions still offer good support and you want to hold onto your favorite sofa set, Karlstad IKEA covers are the solution. You will soon be stretching out and relaxing with fresh, new interior decor. 


Bemz has a full range of high-quality Karlstad IKEA covers for the complete sofa series, including the armchairs. So whether your couch cover is outdated and worn or your favorite cozy place to sit has seen better days, you can instantly refresh and renew. Our Karlstad covers are sewn to order, and you can choose from hundreds of inspiring designs, patterns, textures, and color schemes. 


Personalize Your Space With New Karlstad Covers 

Karlstad IKEA covers allow you to express your individuality and create a new interior design feature. You can blend shades and fabric textures with your decor or mix it up with a fusion of modern designs and a bright color palette. At Bemz, you will find just the fabric that is right for you. From the durable heavy weaves of linen to silky smooth cotton and velvet, Karlstad IKEA covers will all add a luxurious feel. 


Karlstad covers also come in a loose fit, so you can choose to keep things relaxed. In pure linen or super-soft cotton, they will give your room a clean, fresh, minimalist style. Alternatively, the regular fit is the same snug look as your original Karlstad IKEA covers. Need some help choosing? Order five of our fabric samples to study at your leisure.


Extra Karlstad Slipcovers To Change With The Seasons

If your current cover is wearing well, but you feel like a style change, Karlstad slipcovers are an excellent choice. You can add that beautiful color you covet to your room with ease. Choose pure white cotton for summer, florals for springtime, or a luxe velvet texture for winter months. Having extra Karlstad IKEA covers means you can rotate, extend the life of your furniture, and create a one-of-a-kind look. In addition, Bemz designs are made to order by our talented sewists, so you are assured of a high-quality finish and precisely the fabric and fit you want.


Give Your Sofa A Facelift With IKEA Cover Karlstad Designs 

All our Karlstad IKEA covers are made from high-quality, sustainable products, and we also offer a collection made entirely from recycled fabric. Most of the covers are machine washable too, so there is no need for the inconvenience and expense of dry cleaning. Our Karlstad IKEA covers are easy to put on and take off. You can refresh the atmosphere of your room or make a quick style change when guests are coming around. Pair your favorite sofa with our Karlstad covers, and the only way you will ever need to replace it is if the frame breaks!



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