Valances & Bedskirts

Both functional and decorative, there are multiple ways Bemz luxury bed skirts can add color, elegance, or coziness to your bedroom.

A Simple Little Addition Of Luxury With Bed Skirts

It is easy to add a fresh dimension and transform your bedroom with small, simple touches. Bed skirts, sometimes called valances, are a luxury bedding item often used as a versatile addition. Designed to hide your bed's foundation from sight, protect from dust, and make your room look tidy, they are simple and stylish additions. They can even make your bedroom more inviting and help you sleep better at night. 


Bemz bed skirts come in a vast range of styles and sizes that fit standard mattress sizes, queen size beds, and many IKEA models. In addition, they can offer a lovely way to add extra colors, patterns, and textures to your room. Choose from traditional and contemporary designs and hundreds of exciting fabrics and colors. 


Bemz Valances & Skirts For IKEA Beds Instantly Refresh

Most people take time selecting their duvet cover, bedspreads, and decorative pillows but often ignore the lower part of the bed. You can add those final finishing touches or completely refresh your decor with bed skirts. Whether you have a standard double bed, luxury king-size bed, or one of the IKEA models, our valances will enhance your space. 


As well as changing the overall look and feel of your bedroom, bed skirts for IKEA beds also have practical benefits. Choose one that reaches the floor, and you can instantly use the space underneath as accessible storage. Bemz bed skirts come in various lengths, all designed to drape beautifully and made to order by our sewists.


Quality Bed Skirt Fabrics For A Beautiful Bedroom 

The most welcoming, cozy bedrooms use bed skirts to enhance the color scheme and add a luxurious feeling. Our bed skirts come in a versatile range of high-quality fabrics and weaves. There is something for every budget and style, and most materials are machine washable to keep them looking like new. 


A bed skirt in a heavy, beautifully designed fabric will maintain its shape and drape for several years. Textured fabrics and touchable velvet add timeless elegance and a sophisticated feel to the bedroom. Fabrics like natural crisp cotton and linen are always perfect for freshening the look, and we also offer a collection made from recycled material. 


Using Color To Make The Most Of Your Bed Skirts

The color of your bed skirt can affect the whole atmosphere of your bedroom. If you want it to add a focal point, choose a contrasting shade to your bedding, or add one of our modern patterns and florals. Alternatively, you can draw the eye away with a color that matches your curtains or carpet. There are many hues to choose from at Bemz, so here are five handy tips:


  1. A solid shade to mix or match is always a versatile choice for your bed skirts. If you decide on lighter colors like white or pastels, it is wise to choose a heavier fabric so the light does not show through.
  2. When your bedroom lacks natural light or has a light color scheme, it works well to choose a solid color. Your bed skirt will match better with existing muted tones or add a bright new look. 
  3. Bed skirts are the perfect place to experiment and add contrast, so choose one of our exciting patterns, stripes, or floral designs. You can also use them to effectively introduce textures to your room.
  4. For a sleek, sophisticated style, choose a shade that matches your bed linen or headboard. Matching colors can instantly bring your new look together and add a cozy, harmonious feeling.
  5. If your bed frame is a darker color, selecting dusky shades will help conceal it, lighting your room. A dusky shade is also a great choice when you have pets or children; they will not show stains like lighter tones.


To help your final choice of bed skirts, you can easily use our free fabric samples to help you mix, match and perfect your look. Bemz also has a vast range of coordinated bedroom accessories for your IKEA furniture, including bedspreads, mattress covers, headboard covers, cushion covers, and more!


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