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Bemz makes cushion covers for standard cushions, decorative pillow covers, and IKEA sofa cushions to create a fresh, original look in your home.

Cushion Covers For A Simple Makeover

New pillow covers are one of the most effective ways to re-design and elevate your furniture by providing a focal point. They can immediately change the feel of any room or achieve a unique look. Pillows and cushions can add coziness in the bedroom, elegance in the living room, or a splash of color to outdoor furniture. Or maybe you feel like changing up your comfort level with extra pillow covers in a selection of plush textured fabrics.


Bemz cushion covers will fit inner pillows from most furniture retailers, including IKEA. At Bemz, you can find the shape and size you need in materials that offer the wonderful special feeling you want. You can choose pillow covers for everyday use, ornamental rolls, or decorative shapes in a range of lovely modern colors and patterns. They are simple to put on and take off, and most of our fabrics can be machine washed to keep them clean and fresh easily.


Quality Pillow Covers Created For You

Our specially designed cushion covers are made from high-quality fabrics that can be coordinated or mixed and matched exactly as you want. Choose from classic materials, including pure cotton and linen, soft velvet, and corduroy. Our Conscious collection is made from recycled fabrics for a durable and modern alternative. Once you select your fabric, your new cushion covers will be sewn to order. 


At Bemz, we care about the sustainability of natural resources used in our fabrics and production. Our experienced sewists professionally make all our pillow covers for couches. Our pillow covers are sewn exclusively to order to guarantee high quality, a good working environment, and sustainable production. 


Fabrics come in a vast range of lively or muted colors, and there is a collection of modern patterns and florals to choose from. An eye-catching design for your new cushion covers can give your sofa a cheerful lift, while elegant, delicate shades provide a more upscale feel. For complete relaxation, you can choose colors like white and shades of cream or light green. Deeper color tones like red, navy blue, and yellow can liven up a room, or go for classic darker tones like steel gray and black for a more sophisticated look. 


Use Textiles For Effective Interior Design

Cushion covers, pillow covers, rugs, and curtains are valuable items for getting creative with interior design. These textile accessories provide endless possibilities for inventing a whole new look. Using different materials can up the comfort level, change the atmosphere, and add an individual touch. 


  • Pure cotton is a timeless fabric choice for the home. Easy to clean and maintain, it is a long-lasting, contemporary choice that suits all home environments. It comes in several quality levels, depending on whether you want pillows for everyday use or couch cushion covers that add a little luxury. 


  • Natural linen is a luxe fabric and is guaranteed to elevate the overall look of your room. Often associated with relaxed environments, linen is popular with interior designers for providing a more natural feel. Traditionally colored in neutral or earthy base tones, it is perfect for creating a harmonious, peaceful atmosphere. 


  • Soft velvet is a luxurious choice that you can use to add some cozy finishing touches. It also adds an upscale feel that is both durable and irresistibly touchable. Velvet pillow covers can emphasize color with a bright centerpiece. Scatter a few on your sofa, and it will soon become everyone's favorite lounging spot. 


  • Corduroy is another contemporary fabric and an excellent choice for any room. Its luxe texture can change the mood in your room, plus it has a changing sheen depending on how the light falls. Mix natural shades with bold primary colors, and your corduroy cushion covers will immediately create a unique look. 


At Bemz, we want you to feel happy with your choice of cushion covers, so think about ordering our free fabric samples. This allows you to see the various textures and colors at home and how they fit your existing decor. Find a perfect match for your room, or you can even decide to make a bold design statement.


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