Bean Bag Covers

Bemz bean bag covers are a practical solution for your bean bags, protecting them and adding some color or fabric changes.

Choose Fun And Flexible Bean Bag Covers


Nowadays, mobile accessories like bean bags are part of any modern interior. They may have a simple design but are incredibly versatile and more affordable than a new armchair. With many uses, washable bean bag covers can make them even more flexible. Light enough to carry and use in different places, these tear-shaped chairs are incredibly comfortable. Designed to wrap around your body, their filling molds to your body shape and gives you a huge hug. 


Portability is one of their most appealing features, so choosing different fabrics gives you greater flexibility. A popular option for outdoor seating, too, they can help you make the most of the summer months. They are a super option for extra seating that you can store away and a stylish way to add personality to any room. 


High-quality & Stylish Bean Bag Slipcovers


There is no denying how classy and practical bean bags with removable covers are. You can quickly unzip Bemz bean bag covers, and most are machine washable, making them extremely practical. Our covers come in numerous colors, textures, and patterns to suit any use or space. To help you choose your favorite, you can order free fabric samples to study up close, finding the perfect match for your home.


Bemz bean bag covers are available in various high-quality textiles, and your order will be made by our skilled sewists. Try a contemporary look with the freshness of pure cotton or linen, or add a cozy velvet bean bag cover to your collection. For more robust use, choose our recycled material from the Conscious collection. It is easy to refresh your design look or give your bean bag a whole new lease of life in a different room.


Choosing The Best Bean Bag Cover Fabric


The most popular indoor bean bag covers materials are natural, breathable fibers that feel nice against your skin. It takes relaxation to a new comfort level when you sink into a ‘just-right’ fabric. Of course, your final choice will depend on where and how you want to use your bean bag, but these materials all work well:


Cool Cotton

The soft feel of our cotton makes it a go-to fabric, especially for bean bag covers. In addition, it is slightly stretchable, easily cleaned, and blends well with most modern design styles. 


Luxury Linen

Linen is a trending choice for a bean bag that offers an equal share of comfort and style. It looks classy and adds a fresh look to any room, whatever your taste or decor style. 


Cozy Corduroy

A traditional mainstay, corduroy is a sturdy, comfortable fabric that is totally versatile. It makes a good choice for kids’ rooms and adds texture to other spaces in your home. 


Versatile Velvet

Velvet bean bag covers are the ultimate when you want to add a splash of color to a luxurious fabric. It creates a touchable centerpiece and provides a touch of elegance.


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