IKEA Kivik Sofa Covers

Inspiring new Kivik IKEA covers available in a vast range of colors and materials can instantly transform the look and style of your furniture.

Classic Comfort With IKEA Cover Kivik 

At Bemz, you can choose new upholstery for the IKEA Kivik furniture series. This range is a popular choice because of its sleek, modern design. It is perfect for dressing in a new Kivik cover to revitalize your home. You can choose to change the entire color scheme or refresh individual items of furniture where the fabric is worn. You can create a whole new style with Kivik covers in a beautiful shade or a chic patterned material. Renew covers for your sofas and armchairs, or treat your footstool to a mini makeover. 


When replacing your Kivik IKEA covers, you can express your creativity and have some fun. We make your upholstery to order by our experienced sewists. Kivik's classic boxy style fits well with a bold, unique look or bright colors. For a more contemporary feel, freshen up the room with covers in white, or add a touch of luxury with smooth velvet. 


Quality And Design With Kivik Slipcovers

We make all our IKEA cover Kivik range from carefully selected materials that can be easily machine washed. You can pick from beautiful materials such as pure cotton and linen, classic corduroy, and soft vintage velvet. In addition, our Conscious collection is an extra durable, and sustainable option made from recycled fabrics. To help you choose your Kivik IKEA covers, you can order our free fabric samples to compare textures, colors, and designs in the comfort of your own home.


Express Yourself With Kivik IKEA Covers 

The color choice of your furniture can play a crucial role in the look, feel, and atmosphere of your home. Our IKEA cover Kivik collection is available in multiple shades and patterns, colorful and muted tones, so you will find just the right style that fits your decor. If you want to add light to a darker room or freshen up your space, choose lighter tones like creamy white, caramel, or silver-gray. Create a cozy feeling with welcoming shades such as rustic reds or soothing greens. For those searching for an original look, there are exciting patterned fabrics in our IKEA cover Kivik range, so you can create colorful accents to express your taste and style and have fun showing off your creativity.



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