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Extend the life of your favorite IKEA sofa with Bemz armrest covers, giving them a stylish new look and protecting them from wear and tear.

Add Security And Style With Armrest Covers

If you want to keep your sofa or armchairs looking flawless for years, you need a little help. Replacement armrest covers can take your couch care to a new level and add a splash of interest to your room. Armrests are constantly in use and often stacked with books, coffee cups, and snacks as you relax. Our armrest covers can protect your favorite place to sit from daily spills and sticky hands while also preventing it from fading. In addition, with armrest protectors, you can quickly take them off for regular cleaning.


Bemz armrest covers are available for a variety of popular best-selling IKEA series and come in a set of two. Along with hundreds of textures and designs, you will find inspiration for your color palette. You can restore and cushion your sofa armrests in a flash or go bold and change the room's whole look. Switching from weekday family comfort to weekend sophistication for guests is an armrest cover away!


IKEA Armrest Protectors In High-quality Fabrics 

At Bemz, we make all our fabric armrest covers for IKEA models focusing on natural and sustainable materials. Choose matching or contrasting pieces in a vast range of durable and comfy materials. You will also find hundreds of classic designs, modern weaves, and color shades to compliment your decor. Once you have made your final choice, covers are made to order by our sewists to ensure high-quality products and good working conditions. 


For a casual, relaxed look, soft cotton and linen never go out of style and provide a timeless option. They mix well with other fabrics and are hard-wearing, easy to care for, and machine washable. Alternatively, choose a tactile and textured fabric to add a touch of extra comfort and opulence to your couch arm covers. You can also browse our extensive designer collection and Conscious recycled range for striking and unique armrest protectors.


Bemz Couch Arm Covers For Design Choices

Nothing is guaranteed to wear out faster on your sofa or armchair than its armrests. Our replacement couch arm protectors can come to the rescue and also give your home a cozier feel. These versatile textile accessories are often forgotten but offer endless potential for designing a welcoming new look. Using different fabrics and colors for your armrest covers can add a personal touch and quickly create a range of different atmospheres.


Select a color that matches your sofa cover or an accent shade to liven things up and provide a vivid contrast. Look for armrest protectors with a simple pattern that includes your chosen color, or go for bold stripes and bright designs that stand out. One or two sets of armrest covers on your sofas in vibrant shades create 'look at me' accessories and are a creative way to add color. At Bemz, you can also find coordinated sofa covers, cushions, and decorative rolls to bring the whole look together.


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