IKEA Söderhamn Sofa Covers

Get even more creative and personalize your IKEA Söderhamn sofas by changing the colors or fabrics with the Bemz Söderhamn covers.

Flexible & Comfortable Söderhamn Covers

What is there not to love about the IKEA Söderhamn series? With deep seats, moveable back cushions, and lots of style, they are such a reasonable price. When you purchase from the Söderhamn series, you have a good selection of sectionals, chaise longues, and sofa beds, all with or without armrests. This stylish furniture works well in smaller spaces or apartments and is great for kids or teenagers. 


However, like most furniture in constant use—or in the case of the comfortable Söderhamn sofas, the occasional afternoon naps—they can begin to look a bit used. Colors fade, and they suddenly do not look ‘a la mode’ anymore. That is where our Bemz Söderhamn covers and Söderhamn slipcovers can make all the difference. You can make your choice from our large selection of fabrics, most of which are machine washable.


Change The Look With Söderhamn Slipcovers

Using different colors and fabrics can completely change the mood of a room. Our Söderhamn slipcovers are easy to put on and take off, and you can select your materials and colors to create the mood you are looking for. 


If you want to modernize your decor or find a practical solution to the effect of kids and pets on your furniture, then Söderhamn slipcovers are the answer. Like all our IKEA Söderhamn covers, they are made to order by our experienced sewists. This means you can have fun getting creative with colors and fabric. Altering the atmosphere of your room is made easy with Bemz Söderhamn covers. Go for bold, bright patterns and intense colors or subtle shades of grays and browns. Blend or contrast the armrests for a unique look or to complement your other accessories.


For your Söderhamn slipcovers, try Bemz cotton or linen in lighter shades for a fresh, airy, relaxed feel to your room. Using different shades of blue for your IKEA Söderhamn covers can bring a subtle nautical look to your room. Using stripes for your Söderhamn covers can also give a coastal feel. Try something different and discover the beauty of tactile Söderhamn covers in velvet or corduroy. These fabrics add depth to your space and a touch of luxury. Practical and robust, they are also elegant and sophisticated. For some lovers of the Söderhamn series, our Conscious collection made from recycled materials is a popular choice.


Get Creative With The Fit Of Your Söderhamn Covers

At Bemz, we offer two types of fit for our Söderhamn covers; regular and loose. The regular fit is the same as the original IKEA Söderhamn covers but in an array of colors and fabrics. Our loose fit is a more open, relaxed fit that can transform items into your unique style. You may want to consider personalizing any new Söderhamn furniture by buying it without covers. Then you can enjoy selecting your design choice from our extensive collection of fabrics. To help you make decisions, you can order up to five free samples to check out at home.



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