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Update your IKEA chairs in an entirely personal way with Bemz armchair covers. There are hundreds of colors and designs available to suit your mood.

Customize Your Space With Armchair Covers 


With Bemz armchair covers, you can keep your furniture in tiptop condition and refresh its appearance. It is easy to give your existing IKEA chairs a makeover with a unique look that suits your home decor. Choose a new exciting color for your furniture set, or treat your favorite cozy armchair to a wing chair cover. Snug and soft to sit on, upholstered chairs are even more comfortable with armchair covers in classic, warm designs. Change the atmosphere of your room or create a focal point with bold tones, patterns, or materials. 


Our affordable, high-quality collection offers a vast choice of replacement armchair covers for a wide range of IKEA models—designed to bring classic Scandinavian minimalism to your space. Our armchair covers are made of carefully selected fabrics and can be machine washed to keep them fresh. All our covers are sewn to order by our sewists, which means you can tailor your choice just the way you want it. It also means we can reduce waste and guarantee good working conditions and sustainability in production. 


Create An Original Look With Classic Designs 


Our range includes multiple textiles, patterns, and colors so that you can find the ideal choice. We design the Bemz armchair covers to fit your IKEA chair perfectly, or we invite you to experiment a bit with our multi-fit armchair covers. You can choose from different classic materials, including timeless cotton and linen, velvet, and corduroy. If you are searching for extra durability, our Conscious collection is made from recycled fabrics. 


You will find contemporary colors in everything from traditional white, graphite gray, and cream to intense blue and mustard yellow. Bemz also has a selection of beautifully designed patterned, striped and floral fabrics to choose from. Our IKEA armchair slipcovers are easy to take off, put on, and machine wash. You are entirely free to change your room style with the seasons or whenever you feel like it. 


Selecting Your New IKEA Armchair Covers


Textiles are interior design details that can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere in your room. Armchair covers, in particular, can be used to change the color scheme, create a cozy, welcoming feeling or brighten up the space. Deciding on the overall look and feel you are striving for is the starting point. Here are some useful styling tips to help you choose covers you will love. 


Choose The Look

Now is the time to let your imagination run free and have some fun with the way you want to transform your room. Maybe you want to create a warm, relaxing mood with cool, neutral colors. You could decide to create harmony or make the space pop with contrast. Will it be clean, contemporary minimalism, or a fusion of colors and expressive Bohemian style?


Choose Your Style

Armchair covers and slipcovers can range from loose, flowing designs to close-fitting tailored ones. You can create a relaxed look or achieve a more formal one with slim-fitting covers, giving a stylish and streamlined look. For a more elegant interior, you can choose new covers for wingback chairs, providing a luxurious impression and a grandiose feeling at the dinner table. 


Choose The Fabric

Always select a material that fits with the furniture, your taste, and your lifestyle. Take into account the amount of use your armchair cover will get and how durable it needs to be. If you enjoy sitting every day, breathable, natural material like cotton is perfect. If you have no kids, you can go for pure comfort with finer fabrics like linen or the soft feel of luxe velvet. 


Choose A Texture

Pay attention to the weave, weight, and texture of your chosen fabric before you make a final decision. Let your decorating style and your furniture guide you. The material will determine your armchair cover's ultimate feel and look, so it is important. Luxurious, dramatic textures like velvet can add so much to the final result and can provide extra comfort and visual interest. 


Choose Your Colors

A slipcover in a neutral shade like cream or gray will blend in easily or provide a backdrop if you have a colorful decor. Create a relaxing atmosphere with subtle tones or add a contrasting bright modern color. For an eye-catching look, go for one of our bold patterns or floral prints. With the range of choices on offer, you can even coordinate your armchair covers with other furnishings.


At Bemz, you will find modern materials, designs, prints, and patterns available to breathe new life into your home. Choose from a vast range of traditional color tones and contemporary shades. If you are struggling to decide, then why not order our free fabric samples? It is a convenient way to start getting creative with your armchair covers!



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