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Fabric covers for IKEA Stockholm Armchairs

Custom-sewn, machine washable, removable fabric slipcovers for discontinued original IKEA Stockholm armchairs, IKEA Stockholm easy chairs and 1.5 seater Stockholm armchairs.

    Discover high quality replacement covers for the discontinued IKEA Stockholm easy chair | 1.5 seater IKEA Stockholm armchair

    The original Stockholm armchair, IKEA Stockholm easy chair and 1.5 seater Stockholm armchair instantly became hits when they were introduced over the years. So when IKEA discontinued them, owners of these best selling armchairs became nervous. They wondered “what happens if my Stockholm easy chair/armchair becomes ripped, stained or damaged”?  An excellent question - one that we strive to answer beautifully at Bemz. We offer the best selection of high quality, custom made, machine washable replacement IKEA Stockholm easy chair covers, 1.5 seater Stockholm armchair covers and original Stockholm armchair covers available.

    Bemz covers for the discontinued IKEA Stockholm easy chair | Stockholm armchair

    When you buy a Bemz fabric slipcover for your IKEA Stockholm armchair/IKEA Stockholm easy chair, you can rest assured that you’re buying the highest quality replacement IKEA fabric cover available. With a 2 week open return policy and 3 year quality guarantee, you can buy your additional IKEA Stockholm easy chair cover/IKEA Stockholm armchair risk free, knowing that it will prolong the life of your favourite IKEA armchair for years to come. What’s more, all Bemz fabric furniture covers are machine washable and sewn to order in a European factory where we personally know our seamstresses and their work conditions. There’s never any reason to throw your discontinued IKEA Stockholm easy chair or Stockholm armchair away. With hundreds of colours and prints to choose from, available in an array of fabric qualities from 100% cotton to linen to velvet armchair covers, you can transform your IKEA Stockholm armchair into the perfect expression of your own taste. Think of an IKEA armchair with a Bemz cover as a designer one of a kind piece (minus the designer price!).

    Our IKEA Stockholm easy chair mini review

    Our IKEA Stockholm easy chair review: What’s not to love about this chair and its cool, retro look? It’s compact and low to the ground (making it easy to get in and out of - especially for those who are not super tall), with sleek, curved lines all around and an angled backrest for extra comfort. It’s easy to assemble and with a replacement Stockholm easy chair slipcover by Bemz, it fits snugly in one piece with a zipper at the back, making it a snap to throw into the wash and fit back on again. They don’t call this IKEA armchair an ‘easy’ chair for nothing! Like many great IKEA chairs, the Stockholm easy chair was discontinued (as was its sister - the Stockholm swivel easy chair). Our favourite design detail in this Stockholm easy chair review? The sturdy yet stylish wrap around wooden legs that give the Stockholm easy chair its modern, laid back Scandi vibe. We’d love to hear your IKEA Stockholm easy chair review - drop us a line anytime and share your thoughts or images.

    Our IKEA Stockholm armchair mini review

    Our IKEA Stockholm armchair review: talking about IKEA’s Stockholm series is never easy because it’s now on its third life and there are several versions of the Stockholm armchair out there (2 discontinued and one current). The Stockholm armchair of this review is discontinued but not to be confused with the discontinued Stockholm easy chair (which has an entirely different look). The Stockholm armchair is a spacious, comfortable, modernist beauty with bold lines - it definitely makes its presence known in a room. The IKEA Stockholm armchair is actually often referred to as a 1.5 seater due to its extra seating capacity. It has thick, forgiving back and seat cushions which spring back to their original shape, even after prolonged use. Our favourite detail in this Stockholm armchair review: the back and armrests that angle out slightly for a more geometric look and ease of reclining. This armchair looks like a boss and her thick, square armchair legs just add to that overall impression. We’d love to hear your review of the discontinued IKEA Stockholm armchair so feel free to get in touch and share your opinion.