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Are you in need of an extra or replacement IKEA couch cover? Bemz covers are made-to-order, machine-washable fabric sofa covers for the most popular IKEA sofas.

Couch Covers From Bemz

Welcome to the range of Bemz stylish couch covers. Our covers fit a large selection of IKEA sofas in a broad range of top-quality fabrics. Maybe it’s time to refresh your look and change your worn-out or tired-looking couch covers for something new and fresh. You can easily change your upholstery color scheme and design without having to replace the sofa. Our range of sofa covers come in various colors, patterns, and exciting designs, from which you can find the style that suits you.


At Bemz, we have been creating made-to-order covers since 2005. We keep your IKEA couches out of landfills by covering them in beautiful fabric. Along with the Bemz in-house textile designs, we collaborate with several well-known designers such as Designers Guild and Maxwell Ryan. If you are feeling a little spoilt for choice, you can narrow your preferences by choosing up to five free samples. The perfect way to ensure you get the texture and color exactly as you want.


Quality Sofa Covers Made To Order

Maybe you have got tired of your old IKEA sofa, or perhaps the sofa slipcovers are looking a little worse for wear. Alternatively, you might just want to personalize your new furniture by covering your IKEA couch in your choice of fabric. We can provide covers for a wide range of IKEA furniture in an array of designs and colors that you can mix, match, or blend. The choice is yours. Be creative and have fun adding our covers to your living space.


With selectable models, patterns, and color tones, you can create a well-coordinated home in your way. All covers are sewn to order, so all you have to do is choose your fabric and design. 


We design covers for a wide range of IKEA sofas. You will find everything from classic Ektorp and Karlstad sofas, to slightly more daring models such as Tomelilla, Allerum, and the elegant Söderhamn. For those who have an entire furniture series, you can also buy IKEA covers for an armchair, footstool and chaise longue, or choose sofa bed slipcovers.


Bemz Couch Cover Fabrics

An IKEA sofa often outlasts its cover, and by replacing worn or sun-bleached upholstery, it will be like new again. At Bemz, we have a large selection of colors and materials, making it possible for you to redesign the sofa to your liking. Of course, you may also want to tweak your new IKEA sofa to better fit with your interior design tones. 


A big plus to buying our couch covers is that all fabrics are machine-washable, which makes keeping them in tip-top condition straightforward. It has never been so easy to change your decor without having to spend a fortune. So, get creative with our couch covers and be amazed at the difference they can make to a room.


Selecting Your Sofa Covers

At Bemz, we want to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. To do this, we have made selecting your couch covers a simple process. First, you choose the model of the IKEA sofa you have. Then all you need to do is select the cover that fits the size of your couch, whether it is a two-seater or a specially made sofa group. The only difficulty you might have is choosing from our amazing collections of top-quality fabric.


Choosing The Fabric For Your Couch Cover

To give your sofa the right look, we have over 100 different fabrics you can choose from to create your perfect cover. 

Sofa Covers From Velvet

Natural linen is popular as it provides a rustic vibe that many want to introduce into their home. However, by choosing upholstery in velvet, you can give your IKEA sofa cover a softer, richer feel. A velvet couch cover with significantly darker tones looks sophisticated and luxurious.

Touchy-Feely Sofa Covers

For those of you looking for something slightly different, consider our Bemz Tactile collection. There are three fabric styles in this collection; Bouclé, Teddy, and Tweed. All of them create a unique textured effect and make iconic covers for your IKEA couch. The Bemz Tactile fabrics are a sensory experience that makes your sofa protectors so much more eye-catching.

Durable, Practical Sofa Covers

Also popular is our large selection of cotton fabrics, which includes our Conscious collection made from recycled fabrics. 


Couch Covers Made To Fit

At Bemz, we make our settee covers in three fits, loose fit, regular fit and minimalist fit. Regular fit follows the style of the original IKEA sofa upholstery, while our loose fit has a more relaxed look with a distinctive long skirt sofa cover and raised seams that highlight the contours of the sofa. Our minimalist couch covers can dramatically alter the look of your IKEA sofa by simplifying its shape.


We specifically design our couch slipcovers so they can be put on and taken off your IKEA couches quickly and easily. Our experts ensure that zips are neat and the seams are well sewn, making our couch covers robust and durable while looking attractive and stylish. No problem if the kids drop chocolate on them or your muddy dog jumps on the sofa. Our quality fabric is all machine-washable. Please follow the washing instructions that come with all our couch covers. 


Bemz Design Couch Covers

Sustainability is important at Bemz. By changing the cover for your IKEA sofa, you extend the life of your furniture. You can re-cover and create your new IKEA sofas in your style with a clear conscience, knowing our couch covers are ethically sourced and made. 


Are you looking for a cotton sofa cover that is 100% natural, durable, comfortable, and practical? Then check out our bestselling Panama cotton in a kaleidoscope of colors to blend in with any decor. Our Panama cotton is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative.


All covers are sewn to order, so we save on natural resources while giving you exactly what you want. To guarantee high quality and good working conditions, all production takes place with experienced sewists. With the Bemz warranty on all IKEA sofa covers, you can feel completely safe with your purchase of personalized couch covers.



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