Norsborg Sofa Covers

Use Bemz Norsborg sofa covers to keep your IKEA furniture pristine, or replace the original Norsborg couch cover for a newer, updated look.

Let Bemz Norsborg Sofa Covers Work Magic

While the Norsborg modular pieces can fit most room sizes, this classic furniture is ideal for smaller rooms. If you’ve bought a new Norsborg sofa and want to keep it looking good, then one of our Bemz Norsborg sofa slipcovers will do the job. These covers come in a wide range of fabrics and are made to order in Europe. There, our professionals sew them in such a way that they are fast and easy to put on and take off. A Norsborg sofa slipcover is perfect for protecting your new furniture from daily wear and tear or kids and pets. 


If you want to update an already well-used cover, look at our different Norsborg sofa cover materials. Bemz fabrics come in various colours in all our fabric collections. You could opt for the lighter, cooler, crisper shades of linen or cotton. For a more intimate atmosphere, choose darker shades or tactile fabrics like velvet, corduroy or patterned wool look. Most of our materials are machine washable, durable, and simply lovely to touch and look at.

Norsborg Couch Covers Change Your Space

However you have your modular Norsborg furniture arranged, you can be sure our Norsborg sofa covers will fit all the sections produced after 2015. Covering your furniture allows you to change the room's decor with a completely different fabric type or colour. Go bold with your colours or blend them in and use a selection of striking accessories. If you’re not sure which fabric or colour to choose, then select five of your favourites and order them as free samples. Try them out at home in different lights to make your final selection easy.


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