IKEA Norsborg Cover

Refresh your super comfy Norsborg sofa with one of our IKEA Norsborg covers. Choose from more than 100 fabrics to find the look you want.

IKEA Norsborg Covers - Protect & Update

The Norsborg furniture range offers quality, style, comfort and flexibility in customising its modular furniture to fit most spaces. The deep cushion seating is a welcome waiting for you to relax into. A Norsborg slipcover is a great idea to protect your new furniture and update an older beloved piece of your Norsborg furniture. From protecting your furniture from pets and children to creating a design feature for your room, we have a Norsborg cover for you.


Bemz IKEA Norsborg covers come in attractive designs, with over 100 fabric choices and a vast range of colours. Our covers are durable and practical, as most fabrics are machine washable. Made in Europe by experienced professionals, they’re a great way to reduce the effects of daily living on your furniture. Easy to put on and take off, our sewn-to-order covers can quickly change the mood of your room with your fabric choice. 


Mix & Match Your Look With Norsborg Slipcovers


You can quickly change your room's tone by the fabric you use for your Norsborg covers. Do you want to keep things cool and simple? Then an ideal choice would be from our selection of cotton and linens, using softer, more neutral colours to create a relaxed vibe. On the other hand, for a more opulent feel, go for plush velvets. Or try corduroy for a contemporary look. The darker the shade of the IKEA Norsborg covers, the warmer and more inviting your space becomes.


For a contrasting effect, choose different fabrics, keeping it subtle by using different shades of the same primary colour. Alternatively, go bold, coordinating with beautiful accessories like our cushions and curtains. If you want a preview of your fabric and colour choices, take advantage of our free swatches to test out at home.



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