Nockeby Sofa Covers

Choose from over a hundred machine-washable Nockeby couch covers and make the right impression. Take a look at our range of fabrics for the IKEA series.

Modernise Your Living Room With Bemz Nockeby Sofa Covers

The IKEA Nockeby sofa series is popular for its multi-seater feature that is perfect for large families and for hosting parties too! The series comes with a two-seater chaise lounge as well. And while IKEA has discontinued the Nockeby sofa series, we know you will want to keep your favourite sofa in the best condition. 


That’s why, at Bemz, we make high-quality Nockeby sofa covers which are sewn to order. These covers can upgrade and completely change the look of your living areas. 


You can choose from three different fits according to your preference and even order up to five free samples of any fabric that you think will go well with your living space. Our Nockeby sofa slipcovers are perfect for a relaxed cover that slides perfectly onto your sofa, hassle-free. 

We made sure that our IKEA sofa covers are machine-washable, saving you time and money.


Give Your Sofa An Artist’s Touch With Nockeby Sofa Covers

Our made-in-Europe Nockeby couch covers come in a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, velvet and even some recycled fabrics! You can choose a graphic and textured fabric that draws attention to your sofa. Or how about a soft, neutral fabric that gives your living room a balanced look with a touch of minimalism? 


Bemz’s cotton fabrics are breezy and light, and easy to clean. Or select from our tactile fabrics like our range of cosy wool-like materials that give a touch of warmth to your living room. You could also try touchy-feely corduroy fabrics. These have a stunning sheen and add a touch of contemporary luxury to your space. 


Replacement IKEA Nockeby sofa covers

Elevate your IKEA Nockeby sofa with a Bemz cover

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