This detergent has been specially developed for delicate covers like wool and linen. It’s enzyme-free and contains Lanolin oil that cares for and protects the fibres, making them softer and giving them extra lustre.


  • This product can't be returned

How it works

When washing wool, linen or other delicate materials, you need an extra gentle detergent, where the active ingredients are surfactants, not enzymes. Enzyme-based detergents break down and dissolve dirt consisting of protein (organic stains, food, sweat, make-up etc.). However, wool and silk are natural materials that consist entirely of protein. So, washing with enzymes will, in just a couple of washes, break down the structure of the fabric. This detergent removes that risk to your covers.


  • Protects and cares for delicate materials like wool, linen and silk.
  • Ideal for handwashing
  • Scented with Rose & Musk
  • Effective from 20°C



Contains no enzymes, colorants, zeolites or phosphates

Highly concentrated (19-25 washes)

Bottle made from recycled plastic

Manufactured in Denmark


Aqua >10%, Laureth-7 5-15%, Sodium Laureth Sulfate 5-15%, Sodium Chloride <5%, Propylene Glycol <5%, Sodium Citrate <5%, Lanolin <5%, Palm Kernel Oil <5%, Phenoxyethanol <5%, Parfum <5%, Sodium Hydroxide <1%, Pectate Lyase <1% Lipase <1%, Mannase <1%, Citric Acid <1%, PVPI <1%, Amylase <1%.


This product can't be returned.

Delicate Laundry Detergent



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