Loose Fit

A worn, rustic style with a sophisticated, slightly looser fit and clearly visible seams. Made to order and sewn by hand with great precision. Soft, time-worn, elegant, practical and simple - Loose Fit transforms any setting to a peaceful oasis.

Relaxed and elegant.

Our Loose Fit covers reshape IKEA sofas, boosting a modest luxe appeal with thoughtfully designed details such as raised seams and long skirts to complete the look. We offer loosefit in a range of models within the Färlöv, Karlanda, Karlstad, Klippan, Söderhamn, Henriksdal, Nils, Klappsta and Kivik series, as well as for Bemz bed skirts and daybed covers.


Rosendal Pure Washed linen.

A luxurious high quality linen sourced directly from Belgium - a country with a centuries old flax cultivation and processing tradition. It’s prewashed to ensure a soft, vintage-like feel with an impeccable drape. Available across Loose fit and Minimalist fit with 3 neutrals hues.

Brera Lino from Designers Guild.

A popular 100% linen fabric that works impeccably with our Loose fit. The textured surface brings depth to the look, creating a modest yet luxe sentiment. Opt for our classic neutrals for a calming finish or make a subtle statement with some of the muted hues.

Simply Linen.

Part cotton and part linen, our Simply Linen embodies the best of two worlds. It creates a crisp and serene aesthetic when combined with our Loose fit style and comes in a variety of classic to trend colours.

Simply Velvet.

Our Loose fit style in Simply velvet builds a sumptuous and subdued allure. The fabric’s discrete sheen together with its short pile soften the impression and ground the look with a light dose of visual weight.

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