Maxwell Ryan / Apartment Therapy for Bemz

We have reunited with Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy to add a heritage-nodding take on our signature corduroy collection. Inspired by the inimitable colours of the '50s - '70s, the new collection focuses on timeless and statement-making moments, enabling you to take your IKEA furniture to the next level.

Settle on striking stripes.

With its distinctive bold yet classic look, corduroy is evocative, with a slightly nostalgic feel to it. This versatile fabric is simultaneously elegant and groovy. Maxwell Ryan / Apartment Therapy for Bemz Corduroy Collection offers a mid-century inspired palette in a modern setting.

Settle on striking stripes.

The sleek streamlined form of the IKEA Karlstad is the perfect sofa model to showcase the collection’s brightest, retro-leaning hues. In a statement making ode to the seventies the vibrant Copper Hills becomes a conversation piece in any room. Pair with sculptural Terrence legs in Walnut to contrast the sofa’s angular shape.

Our love of warm neutrals continues and for a modern, yet classic take on corduroy we have designed a deep chocolate and warm caramel tone. Accentuate the fabric’s oversized wales on a boxy, angular sofa model to let the fabric do all the talking. Warm wood tones and modern accents will complete the look. Caramel Corduroy seen here on IKEA Vallentuna modules.

  • We consider corduroy to be velvet’s cooler cousin. Oyster offers an elegant, slightly glamorous touch to any setting. The mid-century form of the Stockholm 3.5 sofa highlights the fabric’s slight sheen - the perfect neutral base of any living room. Pair with wood tones and juxtaposing fabrics for a contemporary appeal.

  • Opt for Slate for that quintessential corduroy look - a modern classic. The deep grey tone is a perfect neutral that is not too cool, nor too blue. We dressed it up on an IKEA Stockholm 3.5 sofa to let the light catch the fabric.

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