Poäng Covers

Upgrade your comfy armchairs and footstools with unique Poäng covers in high-quality fabrics and designs to suit your space.

Poäng Covers For Your Chairs & Footstools

One of IKEA's most famous chairs, Poäng, is designed for complete comfort and has a flexible bounce to enhance the experience. Popular for more than forty years, they are built for endurance, and our Poäng covers are the secret to a longer life. They can provide durable protection, prevent wear and tear, and allow a fast change if there's been a spill. Textiles can also impact the ambiance of your room or let you change the color with the seasons, or create a bright focal point for the space.


Design Freedom For Your Poäng Slipcover

Our range of Poäng covers includes multiple choices of beautiful fabrics, patterns, and colors. They are made to order by our sewists, easy to slip on and off, and designed to fit your IKEA chair or footstool perfectly. You can choose classic fabrics of different qualities, including cotton, linen, corduroy, and velvet. If your chair is a favorite place to sit, then try the extra durability of our Conscious collection made from recycled fabrics. 


Whatever your design desire for your Poäng covers, our color collection has hundreds of shades for every mood and season. Traditional creams, shades of white, graphite gray, and beige tones will complement most decor. However, if you want to make a statement, intense rainbow colors or beautifully designed patterns, florals, and stripes are a perfect choice. Our Poäng covers give you the freedom to swap and change your style whenever you feel creative. 


Energize Your Space With Poäng IKEA Covers

Bemz Poäng cover materials are carefully selected and are mostly machine washable to make keeping them fresh easy. Because they are sewn to order, you can tailor your choice to your lifestyle and even choose contrasting footstool designs. If you want to try new material, you can order free fabric samples for convenience. Cozy and supple to relax in, your armchairs will be even more comfortable with Poäng covers in touchable, warm textures. 



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