Klippan Sofa Covers

Revive your space or add a new fashionable look with our IKEA Klippan sofa covers, designed for making an instantly stylish statement.

Klippan Sofa Covers Offer An Instant Makeover

With a simple, comfy, affordable design, IKEA’s Klippan sofa has endured decades of changing fashions and tastes. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that allows you to create different looks in minutes with our sofa covers. So if it’s still your favourite place to relax, then why not refresh your cushions and upholstery with a chic new style. Whether you want a bright, colourful look, modern prints or a touchable new fabric, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the collections at Bemz. 


All our Klippan sofa covers are sewn to order by professionals in Europe, so you’re sure of high-quality products, a perfect fit and just the creative design you want for your room. 

Update Your Decor With Klippan Sofa Covers IKEA

Aside from the necessity of protecting your couch from daily wear and tear, Klippan sofa covers can refresh a tired look and ensure you’re right on-trend. When you’ve got guests arriving or want to change the atmosphere, they can add a feature without needing to update all your room decor. In addition, they’re an affordable design detail that means you can change with the seasons. 


With hundreds of fabrics, textures, designs and colours to choose from, you can create a new ambience whenever you want. There are rich dark colours and delicate hues, contemporary cotton and linens or cosy textured materials to choose from. You can quickly achieve just the look and feel your heart desires with new Klippan sofa covers. From fresh summery fabrics to the undeniable luxury of plush velvet, you can turn your trusty couch into an eye-catching centrepiece.

The Simple Versatility Of Klippan Couch Covers 

Our Klippan sofa covers are simple and convenient to change and clean. Quick to put on and off, they fit perfectly and come with velcro and handy elastic straps that slip under the couch frame. Most of our fabric choices are machine washable, making life simple and allowing you to alternate covers as often as you want. 


We invite you to get creative with your choices, so if you need to mix and match, you can request up to 5 free fabric samples. This makes coordinating colour schemes or adding new textures with your new IKEA Klippan sofa covers a pleasure you can thoroughly enjoy.


Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Klippan couches

Give your IKEA Klippan sofa an upgrade with a new Klippan couch cover by Bemz

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