Kivik Sofa Covers

Looking to customise and elevate the look of your old IKEA couch? Try the Bemz Kivik sofa covers that are made in Europe by experts.

Enhance Your Space With Exceptional Kivik Sofa Covers 

IKEA's Kivik sofa series is perfect for someone looking for a modular sofa that they can customise according to their living space. Kivik furniture uses adaptable memory-foam cushions that follow your body contour, giving you support exactly where you need it. Our Bemz covers give longer life to this very comfortable furniture in several fits. With our covers, you can follow the original IKEA design, or you could go for a more relaxed or minimalistic look. 


Completely Revamp The Look Of Your IKEA Kivik Sofa

As you know, the Kivik sofa provides relaxing, soothing comfort. Our Bemz Kivik sofa covers add a touch of your individual sense of style—giving your space a touch of luxury and style while retaining comfort. 


You can choose neutral tones that can help you achieve a minimal look. Or artsy and textured Kivik couch covers that bring a pop of colour and draw the eyes towards the sofa. We also have some elegant wool-like fabrics and cotton fabrics for a soft and breezy feel. So whether you like to express yourself boldly or are all about neutral tones, we're sure you'll find a sofa cover that's the perfect fit for you and your living room.


Our Kivik sofa slipcover slides right onto all segments of your sofa, making it easy to put on and take off. Bemz crafts made-to-order Kivik sofa covers for the complete IKEA series, including the 2-seater IKEA Kivik sofa covers, the 3-seater IKEA Kivik couch covers and extra IKEA Kivik sofa bed covers. Plus, IKEA Kivik corner sofa covers and IKEA Kivik chaise longue covers.


Replacement IKEA Kivik couch covers for the Kivik sectional sofa series

Extra IKEA Kivik sofa covers and replacement IKEA Kivik sofa covers

Bemz sofa covers for the IKEA Kivik couch series

The lowdown on the IKEA Kivik sofa series

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