Friheten Sofa Covers

Achieve a flawless look for your space with our IKEA Friheten sofa covers specially crafted in Europe by experienced professionals.

Brighten Up Old IKEA Sofas With Bemz Friheten Sofa Covers

Comfortable, cosy and compact. IKEA's Friheten range of sofa beds are a people's favourite because of its effective space-saving design and comfy seating. Here at Bemz, we have Friheten sofa covers that give your IKEA couch a superior-quality upgrade with a personalised touch.


Our highly-experienced professionals sew these high-standard Friheten sofa covers that slip hassle-free, right over your couch. The loose Friheten sofa slipcover touches the floor and hides the break between the seat cushions and storage unit to give it a softer, more seamless style. 

These made-to-order Friheten couch covers are available in a wide variety of materials and colours. 


We understand that keeping your sofa clean can be a task. That's why we ensure that almost all fabric options available for our Friheten sofa covers are machine-washable. 

Upgrade Your Living Room With Our Friheten Sofa Covers

Having choices is important. That's why we offer so many fabric options for our Friheten couch covers. Whether you are an eco-conscious customer who wants a sofa cover made with recycled materials. Or a home decor enthusiast who loves experimenting with different looks. We've got you covered! 


Explore our range of sofa covers for IKEA's Friheten sofas for versatile interior looks. If you're someone who loves a minimal look, we've got a variety of neutral-toned fabrics, including whites, off-whites, and greys. However, if you're looking to give your space a splash of colour, we've got some vibrant and eye-catching fabrics too. Don't forget to check out our textured fabrics. You can discover which Friheten sofa covers suit you best by ordering up to five free samples of the fabrics you love.


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