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Sofa covers for the IKEA Falsterbo couch series

Find extra or replacement IKEA Falsterbo sofa covers for discontinued Falsterbo couches, Falsterbo loveseats/2 seater sofas, and the complete IKEA Falsterbo couch series.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Falsterbo sofa covers

    Searching for an extra/additional or replacement IKEA Falsterbo sofa cover? Search no longer: Bemz makes sofa covers for the Falsterbo couch series, launched at IKEA in 2000 and discontinued in 2004. Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean you have to throw it away if the original IKEA Falsterbo sofa cover is torn, stained or just plain ugly. The Falsterbo is a solid, original piece of IKEA furniture and deserves a second chance! Bemz still makes replacement IKEA Falsterbo 2 seater sofa covers, IKEA Falsterbo chaise longue covers and the IKEA Falsterbo corner section covers (not to mention footstool covers for those of you with the matching set).

    Bemz covers the IKEA Falsterbo sofa series

    Bemz makes replacement IKEA Falsterbo sofa covers for the complete Falsterbo couch series, available in a wide selection of colours, patterns and fabric qualities, including 100% cotton, pure linen and velvet sofa covers (to name a few). No longer available at IKEA, this cleverly designed, discontinued IKEA couch can get a new lease on life with a Bemz cover. Conceived with the environment in mind, Bemz sofa covers for discontinued IKEA couches mean that that there is never any reason to throw your favourite IKEA sofa/couch away, even if the original IKEA sofa cover is damaged (or just no longer suits your taste). Bemz makes sewn-to-order, machine washable cloth/fabric slipcovers for your IKEA Falsterbo that are quality guaranteed for 3 years. In addition to offering hundreds of colours and patterns in both neutral and fashion shades, Bemz sofa covers for IKEA couches are also available in fabric slipcovers co-designed with famous textile designers such as Romo, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix. Furthermore, the fabrics used in Bemz sofa covers have a focus on 100% natural materials. So whether you are looking for a replacement cover or a simple way to upgrade your IKEA Falsterbo sofa, Bemz is the perfect solution.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Falsterbo sofa

    As far as a usability review goes, the best thing about the IKEA Falsterbo sofa are its cleverly designed armrests that function like moveable wings. The IKEA Falsterbo 2 seater sofa has adjustable armrests that can be lowered to as much as a 90 degree angle. This allows you to create either a footrest at one side with a slightly reclined backrest on the other side, or to flatten both armrests completely, creating a nice little bed!  In other words, this sofa is meant for reclining. It’s good to note in this review that the corner section allows two Falsterbo sofas to be connected to one another or to the chaise longue, creating a cool, versatile living room unit that can be transformed into mini sleeping quarters for overnight guests. And because the Falsterbo is mounted on casters (wheels), this IKEA sofa can be moved in minutes to instantly re-adjust the layout of a space. Like we said, the IKEA Falsterbo sofa is a keeper - simply add a Bemz replacement sofa cover and keep it forever. If you’ve had any personal experience with the Falsterbo, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.