Färlöv Covers

Elevate your comfort levels, restyle your tired IKEA Färlöv sofas or instantly add a touch of class with new Färlöv covers.

Färlöv Covers Will Change The Ambience Instantly

With a stylish curvy design, the IKEA Färlöv sofa series is a relatively new look that appeals to a more traditional interior style. Elegantly sloped armrests and a smooth, streamlined look make them an elegant addition to your room that you will want to keep for many years. They're the couch that can look as fashionable or as relaxed as you wish. It is easy to change the effect with our replacement Färlöv covers or add an exclusive design to your corner couch or sofa bed.


Design At Your Fingertips With Our Färlöv Slipcovers

Färlöv slipcovers and standard covers are available in high-quality fabrics and designs and hundreds of vibrant colors and patterns. Whether you want to update the overall look or create an eye-catching feature, they allow for a completely personalized choice. For example, you can choose a shade to work with various color schemes in your home or a vivid contrasting tone. There are also Färlöv covers in contemporary stripes and lively florals, along with modern patterns and prints collections.


With a focus on carefully selected fabrics, Färlöv covers come in various qualities to suit your lifestyle. If your sofa is constantly in use, choose a higher thread count or textured cotton to ensure it is robust. Our range of linen fabrics means you don't have to compromise on comfort or durability. Or consider opting for textured corduroy or smooth velvet if you want to add some long-lasting luxury. Of course, you can also mix and match materials, designs, and textures for your Färlöv covers to achieve the look you want. 


A Bemz Färlöv Cover Is Sustainably Made To Last

Bemz Färlöv IKEA covers are produced with the environment in mind to extend the life of your furniture. You can also select from our line of fabrics made of recycled material, available in various designs and fashionable colors. All our Färlöv covers are made to order by our sewists to ensure high quality and limit overproduction. Made to last, they are simple to take on and off, and most are machine washable for ease. So, if you are design-minded and conscientious, you can always feel good about buying new Färlöv covers to upgrade your IKEA Farlov sofa.



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