Färlöv 4 ways home

These covers take personal expression to a new level via four very distinct style options. These designs offer you very separate and distinct expressions that are the starting point for a sofa uniquely customised to your personality. After selecting the style that feels right to you, select from an extensive range of fabrics, patterns and colours to create an original and personalised sofa that set it apart from any other.​​

IKEA Färlöv series.

It’s no surprise Färlöv has become a favourite amongst sofa buyers and design enthusiasts. It has a style very distinct from other IKEA models and is often compared to far more expensive brands. The combination of pocket springs and fibre balls create an excruciatingly comfortable sofa that contours to your body and promotes deep relaxation. The classical and elegant frame with sloping armrests, as well as deep and spacious proportions, make this perfect for curling up with a book or snuggling down for your favourite series. With both comfort and great design taken care of, all that remains is customising it to an outstanding expression of your own style ethic. And that’s where these diverse options of made-to-order covers come in.

IKEA Färlöv series.

Regular fit.

Loose Fit.

Minimalist Fit.

Exposed legs.

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