IKEA Vimle Sofa Covers

Get ready to take your interior design to the next level with our made-to-order, top-quality IKEA Vimle sofa covers & slipcovers.

Revamp Your IKEA Sofa With Bemz Vimle Sofa Covers 

IKEA’s Vimle sofa series is known for its modular design, which makes them extremely flexible. You can combine the sofa’s sections in many different ways to achieve the exact look that suits you and your home.


Here at Bemz, we make high-quality Vimle sofa covers that retain the modular element of the couch while giving you the flexibility to change the look of it! Every Vimle couch cover at Bemz is professionally sewn in Europe by experts with over a decade of experience. In addition, most of our fabrics are machine-washable, so your sofa can always stay in tip-top condition. 


We make Vimle couch covers for every unit of the IKEA Vimle series. That means you can customise the sofa however you like! The Vimle sofa slipcover is a perfect tool to help you personalise your sofa because of its loose and easy-to-use style.

Make Your Living Room Luxurious With Our Vimle Sofa Covers 

The Vimle series already has a clean, chic and elegant look. You can get creative with our wide variety of Vimle sofa covers by exploring fabric options ranging from vintage velvets to contemporary corduroy. For the more eco-conscious, we also have fabrics that are made from recycled materials. If you want to add a hint of timeless style with iconic designs, you shouldn’t miss out on our wool-look fabrics with a range of textures. 


The corduroy fabrics are perfect for a contemporary, luxe look. They have a rich sheen that gives your sofa a soft glow depending on how the light falls on it. We’ve also got some stunning linen and cool cotton fabrics. Make sure to try them by ordering up to five free fabric samples. 


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