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Sofa covers for the IKEA Stocksund couch series

Replacement IKEA Stocksund sofa covers or extra Stocksund couch covers for the complete IKEA Stocksund sofa series, including IKEA Stocksund 3.5 seater sofas, Stocksund 3 seater sofas, Stocksund 2 seater sofas and chaise longues.

    Replacement IKEA Stocksund sofa covers

    Bemz designs sofa covers for the complete range of Stocksund sofas, including replacement IKEA Stocksund 3.5 seater sofa covers, IKEA Stocksund 3 seater sofa covers, IKEA Stocksund 2 seater sofa covers, IKEA Stocksund chaise longues and IKEA Stocksund footstools and benches. With hundreds of colours and patterns available in a range of high quality designer fabrics, including 100% cotton, pure linen, velvet (and more), Bemz is the top rated online shop for extra/additional/replacement IKEA sofa covers. What’s more, all Bemz sofa covers are sewn in Europe, where we personally know our seamstresses and can guarantee that their work conditions comply with EU labour and environmental standards.

    Upgrade your IKEA Stocksund sofa with a Bemz cover

    Bemz replacement sofa covers for IKEA couches are made with the environment in mind, by only producing sofa covers once an order is made. By producing Bemz sofa covers on demand, we avoid the waste of stockpiling unused sofa covers. And the main concept at Bemz is to encourage the upgrade of an existing IKEA sofa rather than throwing it away once its slipcover is no longer in good shape (or the right colour). Bemz offers a fully coordinated range of beautiful, high quality cloth/fabric sofa covers to choose from, including some sofa covers made in collaboration with world famous textile designers, such as Romo, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix (to name a few).

    Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Stocksund 2 seater, 3 seater and 3.5 seater couches

    The IKEA Stocksund was designed in the style of the classically British Howard sofa, with an elegant, soft, round shape. All IKEA Stocksund sofas have generous seating with an inviting and comfortable look and feel. Combine that with wide, rounded armrests and the IKEA Stocksund couches will make you want to kick back and lounge all day.