IKEA Nockeby Sofa Covers

Designed for comfort and modern living, have you thought about changing the look of your comfy IKEA couch with Bemz Nockeby sofa covers?

A Different Look With Nockeby Sofa Covers

The square blocky design of the Nockeby sofa is timeless yet modern. Once you get a taste of how comfy it is—especially when bingeing on your favorite TV series—you just know you made the right choice. However, tastes can change, and original covers can get a bit dated or faded. This is the time to bring in the new without throwing out your sofa. Nockeby sofa covers are an ideal way to make changes to your decor. In addition, there is an eclectic mix of colors and fabrics to choose from so that you can enjoy getting creative with your look. 


Family life can be hard on couch covers, especially when young children love to play on the sofa. So even if you have just bought your Nockeby couch, it might be good to buy an IKEA Nockeby slipcover from Bemz. Protect your couch for day-to-day use or pop a new one on when the in-laws call round. These easy-to-throw-on and take-off slipcovers, like all our Nockeby sofa covers, can be made to order in machine-washable fabrics.


Get Creative With Nockeby Couch Covers

If you are browsing the Bemz Nockeby sofa cover collection for inspiration on changing your decor, you are in for a treat. We have many different cottons, including our Conscious cotton made from recycled materials, plus tactile fabrics like velvet or corduroy. A Nockeby couch cover can be an economical way to play around with your decor, adding color or bold patterns to your room. You can even alter how your sofa looks by selecting a different fit for your Nockeby sofa covers. The regular fit follows the classic lines of the couch, while a looser fit softens the look of your Nockeby sofa. 


Not sure which fabric, pattern, or color you want for your new Nockeby sofa cover? Then take advantage of the free samples. You can order up to five Bemz fabric samples to get up close and personal with the different fabrics and colors.


Replacement IKEA Nockeby sofa covers

Elevate your IKEA Nockeby sofa with a Bemz cover

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