Outdoor Covers for the Mastholmen

Shop beautiful, high quality IKEA Mastholmen outdoor covers for your garden furniture. Choose from beautiful fabrics, colors and patterns at Bemz.

Be ready for the summer and give your garden furniture the ultimate stylish makeover with our IKEA Mastholmen covers and slipcovers.

Giving Your Outdoor Furniture A Refreshing Look With Bemz IKEA Mastholmen Covers

Your comfy and attractive IKEA Mastholmen rattan outdoor chair and 2-seater can now easily get an update using Bemz IKEA Mastholmen outdoor covers. These lovely sewn-to-order cushion covers can transform tired, well-used chairs, giving your furniture a new lease of life.

Outdoor furniture tends not to be treated as gently as our indoor furniture. It sees a lot of use in the warmer weather for get-togethers, BBQs, and picnics. Also, with kids' imaginations, they become the focus of all kinds of imaginative play. They can get a bit of a battering in the winter, which doesn't include any pets making good use of the seats when you’re not looking! So, it's time to revive and refresh your IKEA Mastholmen covers.

Exciting Outdoor Fabrics To Upstyle With IKEA Mastholmen Slipcovers

Check out the great range of outdoor fabrics that will give your chairs a sophisticated style. Try the earthy, bold colors of the outdoor bouclé or go for smooth sophistication with modern stripes. The wide selection of fabrics for your IKEA Mastholmen covers lets you style your outdoor living space into a cozy, relaxing nook or a fun alfresco dining area.

You can order up to 5 free samples from Bemz, and in doing so, you can see the quality fabrics and designs up close. Adding these fabulous IKEA Mastholmen outdoor covers, using texture or bold colors, lets you style your outdoor living space to look exactly how you want it to. 

Once ordered, your IKEA Mastholmen covers are expertly made by professionals, ensuring they are easy to put on and take off. In addition, most Bemz fabrics are machine washable, so it doesn't matter how dirty they may get outside. You can quickly take them off and pop them in the washing machine.



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