IKEA Klippan Sofa Covers

Modernize your home and adapt to the ever-changing fashions with our IKEA Klippan sofa covers, designed to refresh and impress.

Klippan Sofa Covers Bring Your Couch To Life

With its simple and iconic design, the IKEA Klippan sofa is perfect for a personalized look. Launched more than 30 years ago, it is still a popular choice and could last a lifetime if well cared for. However, upholstery and cushions will rarely be as fortunate. If your favorite place to rest is still going strong, our Klippan sofa covers are a versatile choice. Whether you love the latest patterns, pastel shades, or cozy velvet textures, Klippan couch covers can revamp your entire space. 


Keep On-trend With Klippan Couch Covers

IKEA Klippan sofa covers can instantly give your room a refreshing makeover, renew tired furniture, and protect your couch from unwanted stains. There are hundreds to choose from in fabrics, designs, and shades you will love. Choose from bold, large patterns and rich colors or dainty florals and delicate tones. Klippan sofa covers will help you to achieve precisely the traditional or contemporary style you want.


When you need a new, fashionable look or are updating your decor for a change in scenery, Klippan sofa covers breathe fresh air. You can create just the right relaxed ambiance in minutes with cool, crisp cotton or linen. Add a layer of warmth with silky smooth velvet or thick-ribbed cozy corduroy. A hint of luxury with tactile, touchable fabrics will turn your budget-friendly sofa into an expensive-looking centerpiece. Choosing Klippan sofa slipcovers makes daily life simple.


Klippan Sofa Slipcovers For Chic Convenience

One of the main benefits of Klippan couch covers is the convenience they offer for changing and cleaning. They are easy to slip on and off, and most of our fabrics can be quickly machine washed. All our IKEA Klippan sofa covers are made to order, so you are guaranteed high-quality products from our sewists and just the design you desire. If you want to coordinate decor, you can request our free fabric samples to ensure your new Klippan sofa covers are a match made in heaven.


Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Klippan couches

Give your IKEA Klippan sofa an upgrade with a new Klippan couch cover by Bemz

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