Holmsund Cover

Quickly turn night into day and instantly change the ambiance with a smart new Holmsund IKEA cover for your favorite sofa bed.

Quick Changes With Holmsund IKEA Covers

With those deep seats, extra throw pillows, and wedged armrests, the Holmsund sofa is the coziest place in the house. Quickly transforming into a roomy bed, Holmsund IKEA covers can help turn your space into a restful bedroom or bring it back to life again. An additional set of Holmsund covers will also keep it looking fresh for longer and let you update the look with changing fashions. Our fabrics, design collections, and shades suit every style and mood so that you will find the perfect match.


Premium New Look With Holmsund Covers

Bemz Holmsund IKEA covers are specially designed to fit your sofa bed and come in individual pieces. If you have the chaise, the great thing is that you can place it on either side, and our covers allow for this. Covers for the base, armrests, and reversible back cushions are all straightforward to put on and take off. You can switch them when guests come to stay, and most materials are machine washable. Choose calming sleep shades for night and rainbow hues for the day, or blend a neutral Holmsund IKEA cover to coordinate your look.


Holmsund Slipcovers For Chic Practicality

Depending on how much use your sofa gets, there is a vast selection of fabrics with different qualities and textures. A Holmsund IKEA cover in a thicker weave of cool cotton or crisp linen will add freshness and durability. Sensory fabrics like velvet or corduroy can introduce extra comfort for colder months and a note of luxury to the atmosphere. All the Bemz covers are made to order, so you can easily fuse fabrics and color schemes. Whichever Holmsund cover you choose, you can look forward to sustainable and long-lasting upholstery.


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